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Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz

Hydrating Conditioner - 8 Oz
Joshua Andrews-LeCrone
Makes my hair extremely soft

I haven't used any other conditioners that have made my hair as soft that still smells amazing, best conditioner I've ever used


This works better than anything I’ve tried for styling my fine hair. I use this to style my hair and the Forte hairspray to lock it in.

Freeze Spray | Extreme Hold - 10 Oz
Joshua Andrews-LeCrone

Extreme hold and great smell

Clarifying Shampoo - 8 Oz

High Quality

I've always struggled with my hair, but after trying many products this texture clay makes all the difference. It's the only product I've tried that lasts all day and usually into the next.

Texture Clay || Thoughts

Before I begin, I did end up realizing that I actually got the texture clay, instead of the control clay, however that doesn't matter to me. I'm actually pretty happy that I got the texture clay instead.

Being a person who came from using gels (and many different ones), I was absolutely surprised to see not only how easy it was to apply, but how amazing it smelled! I was absolutely shocked when I realized how great it smells. One small thing I would like to share, and I'm not sure though if this is because I have long hair and maybe I'm not supposed to use the texture clay, but I ended up realizing that I feel like my hair didn't end up staying in the right way that I wanted it to for the whole day (It would stay at first but then just fade off and get messy again), but maybe I'm not doing something right. I dunno. But that's just a little nitpick. Otherwise I absolutely LOVE the Forte Series texture clay. Will 100% buy another one when the time comes.

Probably the best clay out of all the forte products and in general imo

My hair is still soft after I apply it and you don't see shine since when you apply those drug product gel, it looks like a sculpture with a whole bunch of shine. It has a perfect amount of texture. The best part is it holds up even when it's soft which is crazy.

Complete Hair System
Joshua Andrews-LeCrone
Almost perfect

After using discount drug store products for my whole life, and switching to the forte series in products, my hair has gotten so much softer and healthier. The only mild complaint I have so far about the complete hair system is the clay doesn't seem to have as much hold as I was expecting. It says "strong hold" but for me doesn't hold my hair at all, it just seems to temporarily add texture before my hair goes back to how it naturally grows which is swept from right to left and laying really flat, I haven't been able to get the control clay to hold my hair at all beyond about 10 minutes, it's usually extremely flat.

Hydrating Conditioner - 8 Oz
Gilles Bollhalder

The Hydrating Conditioner is a amazing product, the smell the lightness of the cream, would definitely recommend it

Expensive but worth it.

You really get what you pay for, this is quality product and i will continue buying it just because of how good it is and not to mention healthy.

Texture Powder

The texture powder is amazing! The only thing is it needs to be in a larger bottle.

Holy S#!&

I don't know what it is with this clay, but it is hands down THE best product for my hair (thick, with semi coarse texture) I've used, providing a flexible hold that lasts all damn day...literally. This is coming from a man whom has used the ENTIRE Blumaan line of products, the famous Pete & Pedro Putty, Forte Series molding paste and more.

The. Best. Point Blank. Period.

Best forte product.

I use the forte argan oil daily. It is my favorite product. It smells great and keeps my hair healthy during blow drying. This has to be my favorite product

Complete Hair System
Crystal Mathes

Complete Hair System

Essential Shower Duo
Arian Sarsalari
This Stuff Is the Real Deal

Best shampoo/conditioner combo I've ever used. Shampoo smells great, does a great job fully cleaning the hair, leaving it squeaky clean, gets rid of all product with ease.. then the conditioner finishes it perfectly.. leaving it super smooth but still feeling light. And you don't need to use much of either for full effect. The argan oil is great too.. softens hair nicely and smells fantastic. great job on this line guys!

Molding Paste

For context, I have thicker, wavy hair and am generally lazy when it comes to styling my hair. Applying the product to wet hair made styling way more manageable. I erred towards using less product for better results. Good product over all, but I prefer the pomade for my hair type (easier application, styling, tasteful shine, 3oz container vs 2.5oz).


The texture clay creates a great looking style that holds all day long. It is truly amazing!

Best styling cream ever

Best styling cream I’ve ever used, if your thinking about buying this JUST buy it. 5 star review

Amazing use as a pre styler.

I absolutely love the styling cream. I use it as a pre styler after the Argan oil. It helps me shape my hair during the blow dry very nicely. This may be my favorite product.


Does what it says it does!
Bought it so my hair doesn't go crazy while I'm working out... with the spray, it definitely doesnt.
The spray also adds a nice shine to my hair and it smells amazing.

Product & customer service

The product it self is truly amazing, and it smells really good. I was expecting to get a compliment on my cologne, but I got a compliment about how my hair smells so good loool
Once you apply the product you’ll get that wavy beach look without being able to tell if you have anything in the hair. I like that a lot!
On top of that Forte Series provides a remarkable customer service. They are quick, and they do everything they can to keep their customers happy. Highly recommend this product and brand!!

I have very dry frizzy hair. I use the Hydrating Argan oil daily. Comb it in and add Forte molding paste. Good for the day. Love it.

Hair Fuel Kit
Ernesto Abrego

My hair it’s softer, Its a great product I can recommend it, thank you FORTE