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Molding Paste | Strong Hold - 2.5 Oz

Quality and performance

This product is the best product i used for my wavy hair which actually works as i wanted it to.
Not that tight but have a good hold. Feels natural

Complete Hair System
Lukáš Novák
High satisfaction. Great product quality.

Everything arrived as it should in appropriate quality. I will gladly order your products again when needed.

it ok

I like more the texture clai

Didn’t hold that great as a pre styler

Really good product

This is a must have, it smells great and makes your hair feel soft and smooth. I have already ordered this product 4 times, I have tried similar products while some are good , nothing can compare to this product. It is a must have for long hair, believe me your significant other will notice a difference. If you are thinking about purchasing it just do it you will not regret it.

Essential Shower Duo

Complete Hair System
Ahmad Kilany
I love it man thanks

I love it and I would like to know more about it

Texture Clay | Extreme Hold - 2.5 Oz

Amazing product, but not perfect but still amazingggg.

Great product

Just use a little bit, it smells great!

Sea Salt Spray - 4 Oz
Logan Kirkpatrick

One of the biggest game changers for your hair🔥🔥

Best hair product I ever got

I started using Forte series shampo and conditioner and after 2-3 days mosr of the dandruff is gone!! I used it have a snow in my hair and shoulders all the time and suddenly all gone!

My hair feels softer, healthier and generally way better. I can let my hair grow taller with no issues as it's soft and easy to brush.

Loved the products so much


The smell of this shampoo is fantastic. Peppermint makes you feel clean and it smells great. The price is not bad at all considering all of the detergent shampoos that you fine in any retail store that actually hurts your hair. Definitely worth a try

Sea Salt Spray - 4 Oz
Kyle Erlenbeck
Awesome stuff!

I usually wake up, mist my hair with some water, 6-7 sprays of this and I'm off! Great, light product. Will definitely be ordering more when my bottle runs out. Smells great too!

Hair Fuel Kit
David Montes
Excellent quality

I love how my hair is able to hold all day. I have to move very quick and love the fact that my hair stays in one place

Vented Styling Brush
Brian Kilgore
Good quality, but a little too stiff

The quality of the materials and the build appear to be very good, but personally I find the bristles to be too stiff, which makes using the brush uncomfortable.

Styling Cream | Medium Hold - 3 Oz

Essential Shower Duo
Kevin T Craner
Awesome Products!

Wanted to give these a try for awhile now and I'm glad I finally pulled the trigger on this set. Definitely good quality stuff and leaves my hair feeling healthy and soft. For anyone on the fence about these, it's definitely worth it.


Ive been using it from long before, it is really good for your hair makes your hair smell really good love it!


Good hold without clumps

Moisturizer by Apricus Skincare


Tote bag not that big. Moisturizer not that big and definitely scrub to small


I Honestly love it, it keep my hair silky, but yet thick, smells incredible, and actually work, keep my hair looking hydrated all the time!!

It’s mid

Holds up for couple hours not that long but it will keep up