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Our Story

Hey guys,

I'm Alex Costa, founder of Forte Series. Born in Brazil, I relocated to the United States as a young kid. Growing up in a new country was extremely difficult. I experienced a great deal of loneliness and struggled to find my identity. I eventually discovered a passion for the men’s fashion industry, especially styling; it became a vehicle for uncovering my place in the world and identifying my life’s purpose.

It has taken me what feels like forever to reach where I am today. But now I have built up over 3 million amazing followers on social media with the same goal since day 1 - to share my knowledge of fashion and lifestyle to men who are trying to become the best versions of themselves.

It has become clear to me that guys do not realize how much their hair has an effect on their appearance. This is why I wanted to start Forte Series and ensure we not only created great products but helped men feel more competent in their everyday routines through education and a like-minded community.

Our story began with listening to thousands of guys all across the world – and listening is still at the core of what we do.

Each customer has hopes, needs, and even their own quirks. We make a promise to be honest, personal, and transparent, and to treat each customer as a Forte family member.

Our Mission

Our mission at Forte Series has always been to help guys look their best. When a guy looks good, he feels good. When he feels good, he’s ready to capture every opportunity that comes his way. Quality branding, packaging, community of like-minded guys and honest education has been our focus since day one.

Forte is for the guy who wants to look good without looking like he put in a ton of effort. It's for the guy who knows you don't always get a second chance at a first impression - whether it's in work, dating, or life.


Alex Costa


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General Manager

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Media Buyer

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Marketing Specialist

Matt Bustamante

Marketing Specialist

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Project Manager / Integrator

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Graphic Designer

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Customer Service Lead

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Community Manager

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