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How *Not* to Be Single this Cuffing Season (2023 Edition)

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If your romantic endeavors didn’t go nearly as planned this holiday season, that’s alright — Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So to help you boost your chances of romance, we're bringing you 4 ways to level up your dating profile so you don't have to stay single in 2023 (unless you plan on playing the field).

4 Ways To Grow Healthy Hair Twice As Fast, Where You Can

4 Ways To Grow Healthy Hair Twice As Fast, Where You Can

With the arrival of cooler weather, many guys may be looking to grow out their facial hair or maintain a healthy head of hair. But let’s face it — not all of us have the genetics to look like Liver King. So for us guys who can’t grow a beard, here are 4 ways to grow a healthy head of hair faster and stronger — just in time for winter.

Kick These 3 Bad Habits to Improve Your Mental Health in 2023

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COVID lockdowns may be a thing of the past, but a year in quarantine made it easy to pick up bad habits without knowing it. And chances are some of those bad habits are still lingering like a needy ex. To help you out, here are some common bad habits you may have picked up, and how to break them in 2023.