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Stop Wearing White Sneakers - Here are the new footwear trends for Summer’23

White sneakers have been the undisputed kings of summer footwear for a while now. From Oliver Cabell's to timeless Stan Smiths and the mainstream Air Forces, the plain white sneaker is everywhere. That’s also why this aesthetic has become incredibly boring. We believe it’s time to move over white sneakers this summer.

Let's make a statement with our shoe game by embracing these three footwear trends that caught our attention the most this year.

A classic comeback

Boat shoes are back in style and they’re the footwear of choice for men wanting to dress ‘old money’. This new style movement is pairing these shoes with chinos, oxford shirts, linen, and rugby shirts. New era boat shoes are also different, with less detailing and minimalist designs so they feel more apt for walking around in the city than on a boat’s deck.


Let The Dogs Out

There was a time when sandals were for beaches and slides for lounging beside pools. Sandals have become a staple for this spring/summer season and their sales have skyrocketed. The same is true for slides.

The humble slide has become somewhat of an art form now, with companies pushing the boundaries of 3d design tech with their exotic designs. Both sandals and slides are perfect for styling casual looks. 


Cut The Laces

In the same vein as boat shoes, slip-on shoes like loafers are also back. A shoe that enjoyed much of its heyday in the 60s and 70s has become the new sneaker. When the occasion calls for a touch of sophistication, loafers are the go-to choice. Other options are lightweight sneakers, espadrilles, or skatewear shoes like the checkered vans.

This summer, male footwear is all about embracing comfort, style, and airy designs. Remember it’s not only about the shoe but what you pair it with. If you’re unsure on that end, be sure to check out our article on styling summer outfits.

- Forte Team