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4 fashion aesthetics to go for choose to look cool for the ‘Gram

Traditionally, summer is not the season that comes to mind when you think of peak male fashion. After all, it's hot outside, and who wants to wear layers, suits, or jackets when you’re sweating bullets?

But that doesnt mean summer fashion has to be boring. There are a number of unique summer aesthetics that you can adopt to look stylish for the ‘gram without sacrificing comfort. Here are 4 of our favorites:

1. ‘Old money’

Though linen has been around for a long while, it's only in 2023 that linen trousers and shirts have blown up. The creative outfits it produced have been dubbed 'old money style'. The objective is to look wealthy and luxurious while keeping it simple.

Emulating the old money look is simple. Embrace airy breezy linen shirts and trousers along with quality loafers or boat shoes. If you live in a tropical environment, you can also put on a cool colored summer jacket. If you want to wear tees, wear polos. Along with that, be sure to go for neural colors like cream, tan, white, beige. These pastel colors will complete your old money look.

2. Tennis-core

While originally a part of old money, tennis core has evolved into its own aesthetic that you can go for in casual settings. The objective is to look effortlessly stylish and classy yet exude a bit of athleticism and sportiness.

As is typical with on-court outfits, the tennis-core palette is understated silhouettes and colors: Whites, creams, yellows, greens, and blacks all look great against the hard green clay courts most associated with the sport.

As the name indicates, the actual outfits either contain full on tennis attire, polos or tennis inspired articles. A few more unique clothes have also popped up, like dri-fit tennis shirts and shorts, raglan polos and tennis style crews. All these will help you embrace tennis-core.

    3. ‘Forever on Holiday’

    The staple for the holiday aesthetic is short sleeved shirts. Patterned and knitted short sleeves are very much in fashion right now so you can get creative. Don't shy away from floral prints here.

    To complete your holiday look, you need shorts. Thankfully you have a multitude of options. You can play it safe and wear khaki or white shorts. Or mix it up by wearing athletic shorts. Athleisure is at the core of fashion these days, so wear 'em boldly.

      4. Workwear 

      Workwear is a niche fashion aesthetic that's still in development. But elements of workwear have hit social media and made it into popular outfits. One example of that is the resurgence of cargo pants. If you want to delve further into workwear, other options are raw denim styles.

      Pair these with crisp white shirts or knitted polos and low top sneakers so you don't fully look like a guy out to do some manual labor. What we really like about this aesthetic is that it's filled with rugged or knitted materials that can be worn again and again.

        By exploring these 4 aesthetics, you can stand out among the sea of boring outfits on Instagram. So go ahead and elevate your summer fashion game with these trendy looks.

        - Forte Team