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How to look more masculine (actionable tips that make you more dominant)

Today, masculinity is a rare trait amidst a sea of average looking guys. That’s because masculinity is the one asset that can’t be faked or bought. It demands relentless dedication and a desire for self-improvement. 

With the recent trend of “looksmaxing”, it’s clear guys are starting to care more about standing out from the crowd. While the concept of self improvement isn't new, its prevalence and visibility have surged in recently, fueled by the rise of online forums, social media influencers, and cosmetic procedures tailored to men.

The Forte team put together some actionable tips that will help you come off more masculine and dominant. Try these out to craft a manlier look.

Mog The Room
While you already knew getting muscular is important for a masculine look, one aspect most guys don’t focus on is neck training. Having a thick, muscled neck is extremely crucial to a masculine look.

Look at this edited picture below of Channing Tatum and see how much of a difference it makes. A “pencil neck” makes you look boyish while a strong neck gives a more manly appearance.

Furthermore, neck training will also train your jaw muscles which’ll define your jawline and sharpen the features of your face. To improve your jaw even more, look into ‘mewing’. Mewing comes off like a childish trend on Tik Tok but it has shown to work. By keeping the tongue in its proper posture, you can correct your jaw angles and obtain a sharper jawline and cheekbones.

Sculpt Your Face
Picture Henry Cavil, Chris Hemsworth, and Jason Momoa. What do they have in common and why are they considered the most attractive men in hollywood?

Women love their facial hair. It’s a sign of masculinity and maturity. The important distinction between their facial hair and others, is that its groomed and taken care of properly. And most importantly, fits their face shape.

In short, here’s a quick summary.

If you’ve got a wide jaw or decent bone structure, you can go either way. Grow a beard or rock a moustache.

If you’ve got a puffy face or are carrying some fat around the jaw area, it’s better to grow a beard. Go for medium length styles as they’ll add angles to your face and make it look more masculine.

If you’ve got a narrower jaw and still want to rock a mustache, your best bet is to go for a narrower mustache style and pair it with a bit of stubble.

Now when you’ve figured out which type of facial hair best suits you, check out our brand new Forte Facial Hair products, The Royal Shaving Cream and Forte Series Beard Oil.

Not all muscles are trained with weights
A deep resonant voice is a signature masculine trait. Think actors like Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson. They have deep baritone voices that help them get leading roles and portray powerful characters.

Our vocal cords, like any muscle, can be strengthened through targeted exercises. Classical singers, news reporters, and voice actors all rely on these exercises to enhance their vocal range and clarity.

The best part? You can do these exercises too, with just 10 minutes a day. Look up some instructional videos online to level up your voice's depth and resonance.

Optimize hormones
Testosterone is crucial for muscle mass, strength, and energy. Unfortunately, global research indicates a significant decline in men's testosterone levels over the past two decades. To naturally boost your testosterone, follow these tips:

Diversify Your Diet: Incorporate healthy fats like those from avocados, dark chocolate, and grass-fed butter. These are all rich in omega-3s and CLA, which support hormone balance.

Prioritize Sleep: Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night to ensure optimal testosterone production, as insufficient sleep can lower levels by 10-20%.

Zinc: Men who received 30 milligrams of zinc per day showed increased levels of testosterone in their bodies.

Intense Exercise: Focus on resistance training, particularly targeting large muscle groups like legs with exercises such as squats and deadlifts, to stimulate testosterone production and support muscle growth.

There You Go,

Looking masculine is never about just one thing, but a mixture of many different practices and habits. Besides these, take care to focus on your mindset. Improving your looks and body will not matter if you’re going to sleep every night with a defeatist mindset. Your thoughts show on your face. Remain positive and ready for action to always project a dominant and masculine look.

-Forte Team