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Best hairstyles for fall/winter (and how to style them)

With fall upon us and winter right around the corner, we’ve all revamped our wardrobes and gotten those boots out. But what about our hair?

We’re not saying you need a drastic change. You can simply transition your current summer look into a fall hairstyle, simply by growing it out and getting a trim.

To help you out, we tapped into our network of grooming pros,barbers and influencers to get intel on what hairstyles they will be transitioning to for the colder seasons.

Here’s our 4 favorite fall hairstyles and how you can achieve them!

1. The Fall/Winter Classic

If you were rocking a crew cut or crop this summer, you can easily transition into a Tapered Quiff! This classic cut is amazing if you want to go for something casual but clean. It's perfect for those with medium length hair that don’t like fades. Instead, the ends are textured and the sides are tapered. You can style it upwards or to either side using a product that addes texture with a matte finish. We recommend our Forte Series Control Clay or Texture Clay.

2. A Gentleman’s Option

Another classic cut that you can’t go wrong with. A Brush back or “relaxed slickback” (that means without a fade) is great if you've been rocking a combover or curtains in the summer. Just simply grow it out a bit more to where the hair can be brushed back! To tame this longer hairstyle, use the Forte Series Pomade and Vented brush. This duo will help you hold this longer look in place for a clean, sleek appearance that perfect for any occasion. 

3. A Modern Spin On The Mullet

The ladies are loving this next hairstyle. The Wolf cut is a hairstyle with a longer and textured front and back but short at the sides. It’s like a crossbreed of a fluffy fringe and a mullet. The best thing about a wolf cut is that styling it is super easy since it’s meant to be messy and flowy. Most of the work is done by the barber! 

Use the Forte Series Sea Salt Spray to enhance your hair’s natural texture, and use a medium hold styling product like the Styling Cream or Molding Paste to add structure.

If you’ve been rocking a fluffy fringe this summer, simply grow it out the back to try this style out for yourself!

4. Go Full Witcher

The final option is the perfect look for a colder season. Go full Viking mode and start growing out your hair! This hairstyle requires regular maintenance but styling it is pretty easy. All you need to do is brush back your hair with a few drops of Forte Series Argan Oil and a blowdryer. After a while, your hair follicles will adapt to this new direction and sit back on its own.

If your hair’s on the shorter side and want to achieve this look by winter, promote faster hair growth with the Forte Series Biotin Vitamins!

That's it for this week’s edition. What hairstyles will you be trying out this colder half of the year? Let us know!

See you next week,

-Forte Team