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6 genius ways to use ChatGPT to improve your life

The world of sci-fi and advanced AI chatbots that we would only see on Hollywood screens a few decades ago has now become a reality. Powerful tools like AI and Chatgpt are now easily available to anyone with an internet connection. Yet so far, most people have only used them to skip out on work, do their homework or answer their emails.

We think most guys don’t realize how powerful of a tool Chatgpt really is…or how to prompt it correctly. That’s why we made a guide on how you can use the full powers of Chatgpt to become fitter and improve your health. We also added some example prompts to help you get started. 

  • 1. Fitness

    Chatgpt can generate custom workout plans for you according to your needs and goals. You no longer need expensive trainers to make you a plan. Chatgpt is trained on a huge dataset, meaning it has the knowledge of thousands of scientific studies and exercise programs. It could make you a plan that’s proven scientifically and also considers your injuries, age, fitness level and time constraints. All you need to do is ask.

    Example Prompt: “Create a 4 day per week workout plan for me. I am a 21 year old male and play football and soccer regularly. My goals are to put on muscle and become faster. This routine should include all working on all muscles without putting on too much bulk.”

  • 2. Fuel your body
  • Just like how Chatgpt can create custom workout plans, it can also create meal plans for you that are tailored directly to your needs. If you don't know how much you should be eating, it’ll give you a goal and generate meal ideas for you. If you have some concerns with eating certain ingredients, it’ll provide alternatives. You don’t need to scour blog sites and Youtube videos trying to find the perfect meal plan. Chatgpt will do it for you.
    Example Prompt:  “Give me a meal plan that will put on at least 5kg more muscle in 3 months. The meals should be high protein and high carbs while keeping fats to a minimum. Calculate my daily caloric and protein goals, I am 5’10 and weigh 65kgs. Also do not include any nuts in this diet because I am allergic to them.”

  • 3. Planning
  • Chatgpt can help with planning your life and making space. It can advise how to limit certain activities, where to insert hobbies and why and how to become consistent. You can cut out the time you spend planning your calendar by using Chatgpt.

    Example Prompt: “Help me create a schedule for the next 5 weeks using the following data:

    -I work 8 hours a day monday to friday
    -I want to practice guitar three times a week, an hour a day
    - I want to work out 4 times a week
    - I like to go golfing on Sundays
    - I need adequate rest periods throughout the week for recovery and netflix”

  • 4. Monitoring

  • Chatgpt cannot take the place of an actual doctor, but it can recognize symptoms and help point out problems early. If you’re having odd pains or issues, try using Chatgpt to get a list of options. It’ll let you know how severe your issues are and how to proceed.

    Example Prompt:

    I play contact sports weekly. Last week was rough. Today when I stand up straight I get an odd pinching pain in my lower back. What do you think might be wrong, and how can I alleviate the pain and recover faster?”

    5. Diagnose

    Since Chatgpt remembers past conversations, you can create a conversation where you log in the food you ate today and your current symptoms and condition. This is perfect if you want to diagnose allergens or track foods that are triggering certain issues in your body.

    Example Prompt:

    I want you to serve as my personal food assistant. Every day I’ll log what I ate for the day and how i’m feeling. I want you to use this data and the symptoms I mention to track any allergies I may have that is upsetting my stomach, or giving me acne.”

  • 6. Recovery Analysis

  • Similar to how Chatgpt can track allergens, you can track your sleep quality as well. If you log your sleep times and data into a conversation, Chatgpt will remember that and provide data on your sleep. If your sleep has been subpar, it’ll provide custom advice on how to improve that.

    Example Prompt: “I want you to be my sleep assistant. Everyday I’ll log data for my sleep and I want you to rate the quality of my sleep. Make use of that data to draw conclusions and give me constructive advice each time on how I can improve me sleep and recovery.”

    Try these example prompts out for yourself!

    While Chatgpt cannot take the place of a human medical practitioner, it is a powerful and versatile tool that can revolutionize the way you approach your body and fitness. That makes it very valuable and a must-use tool for every man who’s concerned about his health. 

    -Forte Team