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4 details women always notice about you (that guys don’t think about)

Most guys think women only have eyes for guys that look like Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth. Yet we know many guys in our circle who’re good with women and they aren’t necessarily model tier facially.

Women are not only aesthetically driven, they also notice a man’s aura and behavior. Little details that often escape us because we aren't biologically inclined to see them. In today’s newsletter, we’ll show you how to refine those small details so you can always leave a great impression, whether on a date or when striking up a conversation with a woman.

Your silhouette

The oldest technique men have always used to attract more women is through muscles. And while it’s true, women notice your musculature, they don’t notice it like guys do. Guys fixate on individual aspects like a bulging chest or big beefy arms. If you only focus on one area, your silhouette will look disproportionate.

Instead, they observe your physique as a whole, specifically your shoulders and then your waist. The most attractive physique for a man is a v-taper.

However, you don’t need to look like golden era Arnold to impress women. A small amount of work goes a long way. Here are two tips to improve your frame:

Do more compound lifts in the gym aka lifts that use multiple muscles at the same time like overhead press and power clean. These will build your shoulders and core muscles.

Secondly dress for your body shape to accentuate the strong parts of your physique (we'll be sending a full guide on this in a future newsletter very soon).


Roll Up
While men typically don't pay much attention to their own hands beyond washing them, women do. Hands can tell an entire story about a man's life. Attractive hands are lean and veiny, suggesting that the man is in good shape. Trimmed nails and well-hydrated skin indicate good grooming and attention to appearance.

In addition to hands, women appreciate muscular forearms and rolled-up sleeves. You can enhance your forearms through targeted exercises and bring more attention to your hands with accessories like bracelets and rings.

Fresh Kicks
Men often choose shoes based on comfort, but for women, the condition of your shoes can make a significant impression. Clean shoes show you take pride in your appearance and attention to detail.

To ensure your shoes are always in good condition, keep two pairs: one for everyday use and another pair, like special boots or sneakers, reserved for going out.

Don’t be a Karen
Women notice your mannerisms and care more about your overall demeanor than just the visual aspects of your clothes and body. Confidence in conversation, making good eye contact, and  having interesting things to talk about  are a significant part of what makes someone attractive.

Additionally, she will notice how you interact with strangers. Are you rude to the waitress? Are you crass and vulgar for no reason at all? Women are impressed by a man who talks purposefully and respectfully and has stories to tell, not someone who chatters about needlessly.

To sum it up,
While men care a lot about how women look (hence the huge emphasis on makeup) women care more about a man’s status and standing within an environment. Physique, eye contact, grooming and composure indicate a man’s competence, work ethic and personality. These are things that cannot be faked and can only be achieved through hard work. In the end, they are what define you as a man.

-Forte Team