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How To Transform Your Looks Through A Fresh Hairstyle

Do you know that a new hairstyle can transform a man’s look faster than a new wardrobe can? You could wear your hair down today and look like Jason Momoa or crop it short tomorrow and look like Brad Pitt! Once you decide to step out of your hair comfort zone, you’ll be amazed at how much change you can achieve with a new hairstyle. 

To succeed at the transformation, however, you need the right hairstyle, the right barber and the right products. For top tips on how to transform your looks through a fresh hairstyle, keep reading below! 

Find the right hairstyle for face shape      

If you have an oval-shaped face, then congratulations, you have an endless range of hairstyles you can try on! The pompadour, quiff and even men buns will all suit you conveniently. For square-shaped faces, undercuts and quiffs are fitting styles and for heart-shaped faces, fringes and slicked backs work perfectly!

Your face shape plays a huge role in determining how good a haircut will look on you. If you have a rectangular face, what you want is a haircut that won’t make your face look longer. You can go for slicked back and side part hairstyles as they will look great on you. 

 Take pictures to a barber to make sure they get it right

When you find a picture with the perfect hairstyle for your face shape, the next step is to take a screenshot and show it to your barber. Remember to ask your barber if he can get the style right before he begins. If he’s unsure, consider going somewhere else. You don’t want a barber giving you a pompadour when what you want is a quiff! 

Create volume on top to make you look thinner/make jawline more pronounced

If you have a chubby face or a heart-shaped face, creating volume at the top of your head can make your face look thinner and more defined. It can also make your jawline more pronounced, transforming your look from what you and everyone else is used to. Before your barber gets to work, make sure you share this tip with him. 

Use a high hold product to keep hair up

To maximize the effect of your new hairstyle, purchase high hold hair products like putty, wax, clay, and paste. Then use the high hold product of your choice to keep your hair up and in place. 

Ditch the shiny products (not popular anymore)

One major tip you should remember when getting a fresh hairstyle and look is; avoid shiny products. Avoid high shine hair gels, mousse or hair serum. While these shiny products might have looked great during the days of Elvis Presley, they aren’t popular anymore. So when shopping for hair products make sure they are all high hold and low shine.

Transforming your look through a fresh hairstyle is very easy and exciting when done right. With all of the guides above, you can have yourself looking brand new in just a few hours so try them out today!