Salon-Grade Hair Sprays - REMASTERED

Made for guys "on the go" 

Scoop-free, Salon Grade Styling Products For Men

Scoop-free products are products that offer easy, hassle-free application.

Just spray, style, and go!

Features and benefits:

• No harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, parabens or sulfate (unlike drugstore hairsprays)
• Easy to wash out (with just a dab of shampoo)
• Doesn’t leave a gross, tacky feeling in the hair
• Smells amazing!

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12  products shipped to your front door.


Freeze Spray - Extreme Hold


The Forte Series Freeze Spray is the perfect spray for guys that need to look their absolute best literally ALL. DAY. LONG.

This extreme hold hairspray will give you unmatched control and a natural-looking finish. Unlike the cheap drugstore hairsprays, the Forte Freeze Spray locks your hair in place WITHOUT making it crunchy or sticky. 

Use this spray for important formal events or outdoor photoshoots when you need to impress.

Texture Spray - "On-The-Go", Texture Booster 


Take your hairstyle — once again — to the NEXT LEVEL with The Forte Series Texture Spray. This revolutionary, versatile spray adds an extra boost of volume and extreme texture to any hairstyle.  

Overall, the Forte Texture Spray provides a flexible, pliable hold that allows you to restyle throughout the day. 

Because of the “spray on” application, it’s perfect for the days where you just have to “get up and go”. Easily transform dull, boring hair into dynamic and exciting hair with just a few short spurts.

Sea Salt Spray


The Forte Series Salt Spray is the perfect tool to achieve an effortless beach-inspired look in seconds.

This salon-grade spray will enhance natural curls, reduce frizz, and add volumized texture to your hair.

It'll be your new secret weapon to revive your limp, lifeless hair and achieve a chill, relaxed, surfer dude style that turns heads. 

Diamond Membership
Diamond Membership
Diamond Membership

Diamond Membership


A limited-seat membership where you get all new 2021 Forte products sent to you automatically — before they’re released to the public!

That’s 12 brand new Forte Series products automatically sent to you (no shipping charges), before anyone can get their hands on them.

Drop 1
: (March 2021) 1x  Freeze spray,  1x Texture Spray,  1x Sea Salt Spray

Drop 2: ( Est. June 2021) 1x Pomade, 1x Styling Cream

Drop 3: (TBD) 1x Growth Gummies, 1x Thickening Spray, 1x Growth Serum, 1x Texture Powder

Drop 4: (TBD) Alex Costa’s upcoming skincare brand 1x Moisturizer, 1 x Face Wash, 1x Exfoliant

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