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Why Charlie Hunnam Is Every Woman’s Crush

Why Charlie Hunnam Is Every Woman’s Crush

After viral thirst traps of Charlie Hunnam's appearance at the Met Gala and tons of positive comments from women, you have to wonder why he stands out. He fits every woman’s fantasy between motorcycles, superheroes, and knights. 

But if we put his successful career and ripped physique aside, what is he doing that makes him so attractive to the fairer sex?

Because if he’s doing it, so can we, right? Correct. In this week’s newsletter, we will break down the key points that make Charlie Hunnam every woman’s crush and how you can use these strategies to up your game.

He looks like a lumberjack
One thing is for sure—Mr. Hunnam has a rugged look. That’s not to say he’s disheveled or isn’t put together. But he certainly doesn’t have the same appeal as Timothée Chalamet or Jeremy Allen White.

Thanks to his time on Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam has longer hair, a thicker beard, and a broader physique. These traits give off a mountainous look. 

But Hunnam isn’t some random lumberjack out in the woods. He combines these burly traits with clean, timeless fits. He’s often seen with his hair slicked back, showing he knows how to present himself. 

He doesn’t let his beard get out of control either. This allows him to toe the line between rough outdoorsman and famous actor. Plus, his wardrobe of well-fitted suits, button-ups, and denim doesn’t hurt.

He’s a great storyteller
There’s more to a man than his physical appearance. Without substance, you’re no more than a pretty face. Thankfully, we can learn from Charlie Hunnam, as he’s a great storyteller.

If you watch any interview with Charlie, you’ll quickly realize he’s charismatic and engaging. He pulls the listener in by dropping little crumbs about his life. This piques the other person’s interest, allowing them to ask questions about parts they find interesting.

Then, when Charlie explains the story, he’s not bringing it up out of nowhere or boasting about his accomplishments. This approach creates a natural rhythm without becoming too much of a try-hard. 

But remember—to tell better stories, you must live a more outgoing and adventurous life.

Charlie takes risks
That brings us to our final point: Charlie Hunnam is a risk-taker. Not only do his movie and film roles reflect this, but so does his life. But why do so many women find risk-takers attractive? 

You’ll get a different answer depending on who you ask. However, many women find this trait alluring because taking a risk requires you to bet on yourself. Charlie Hunnam became a famous actor and screenwriter, played rugby in high school, and still rides motorcycles. 

All of these actions required him to bet on himself to succeed.

How to bet on yourself
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