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The 5 Best Texture Boosting Tips for Men, According to the Internet

You’ve probably noticed that the “bold, defined texture hairstyle” trend has been on the up-and-up as of late.

As a result, the Forte Team has been getting tons of questions from guys on how to level up texture in their hair. So to answer your questions, we took a look at online men’s grooming forums to find the current hair struggles guys are having. 

Turns out a lot of guys are having trouble with adding and creating bold, defined texture into their hair.

So to help you hop on this fashionable trend without messing up your cut, we collected this list of the 5 internet-approved ways any guy can step up his texture game.

Here are 5 easy ways to add texture to your hair.

1. Get an Expert

Starting off with the easiest solution, just ask your barber to add natural texture during your cut!

An experienced barber can add texture by using thinning shears or angling scissors a certain way for “point cutting.”

But the coolest technique we learned about is called “razor cutting!”

This technique uses a straight razor to create a dramatic, texturized look while thinning out thick hair. 

Tip: Double-check with your barber first and ask which technique will work best for your hair!

2. Style with Completely Dried Hair

Damp hair is great for slick, wet-looking hairstyles, but not for messy textured looks.

This is because drier, matte products like pastes and clays (the best stylers for texture) need to “cling” onto the hair strands to create that “separation effect” for a noticeable texture. 

Now, most guys with different hair lengths will find a range of results with different styling products like pomades, waxes, clays, pastes and more.

But if you’re looking to maximize the mileage on your last cut, then you should have at least two different styling products — one for your shorter, more manageable hair and one for longer, thicker unruly hair.

A styling clay is ideal for guys with short or medium-length hairstyles (anything shorter than four inches in length) that are looking for volume and texture. 

But If you have longer hair, a Cream or Paste will help you achieve a more careless, free-flowing style that is better suited for the grown-out look.

Pro Tip: Use a diffuser attachment while blow-drying to add even more texture! This tool helps enhance the natural curls and waves in your hair.


3. Light Up Your Hair with Highlights

If you have dull, boring-looking hair, then adding highlights is an easy way to enhance your hair’s natural waves and texture.

They automatically add sections and lines so your hair gets the “separation effect” that gives off the illusion of bold texture. Plus, they give your hair more life and dimension in an instant. Depending on the highlights you choose, it can look like you got beachy waves or spent a lot of time curling your locks. 

You can get highlights done professionally at the barber shop so that you can achieve either a subtle and natural-looking effect or something brighter and more dramatic. It all depends on the intensity and placement of the color, as well as how light (or dark) the highlights are in comparison to your natural hair color. 

4. Comb In Waves

If you’re still using ONLY your fingers to style your hair, then you’re missing out on some amazing definition and texture.

Take a look at what JUST using a comb can do.


Don’t just grab any random plastic comb, though. You want to make sure you’re using a comb that’s suitable for your hairstyle. So in case you’re not sure which one to get, here’s a quick breakdown of 5 types of combs and brushes you can choose from and which hairstyles work best:

  • Fine-tooth Comb. This is for guys with fine, thin hair that want to style slick, refined hairstyles like a comb-over. 
  • Wide-tooth Comb. Designed for guys with thick or curly hair who want to add that “separation effect” to high-volume hairstyles.
  • Vented Brush. These brushes have holes between the bristles that optimize airflow and dry your hair quicker, making it perfect for guys with stubborn, flat hair that struggle to add volume to their style.
  • Paddle Brush. One of the most popular brushes with the ladies, paddle brushes have a wide surface area that effortlessly smoothes your whole head — controlling unruly, frizzy hair in one swipe!
  • Rounded Boar Bristle Brush. This the absolute best tool for thick “hard-to-manage” hair. The strong bristles offer unmatched control and help build incredible volume in any hairstyle.

This one handy tool can literally transform a boring, flat, straight hairstyle into a more dynamic, trendy look with just a few quick strokes. Finish it off with a hair spray and you’ll have a completed style in seconds!

6. Bring Out The Big Guns

Doing all of the above and still struggling with noticeable texture?

It’s time you added a texture spray to your styling routine.

The Forte Series Texture Spray adds a boost of volume and hold to any hairstyle. It’s versatile enough to be used on its own or as a post-styler to take your hair game to the NEXT level. 

Unlike cheap drugstore hair sprays, that leave your hair feeling hard, sticky, and crunchy, this gives a flexible, pliable hold that allows you to restyle throughout the day.

It’s the perfect way to finish off any styling routine! Click here to shop now and say goodbye to dull, boring-looking hair for good!

There You Have It!

The internet’s 5 best tips to level up texture in your hair, so you can achieve a bold, dynamic texture that’ll have guys stopping you on the street to ask:

“Hey man, what do you use to style your hair?”