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Starboy Aesthetic Guide

If you’ve scrolled through menswear tiktok lately, you might have heard the term ‘Starboy" aesthetic being mentioned.

Inspired by The Weeknd's hit song, the Starboy aesthetic evokes a world of high fashion, fast cars, and the pulsating energy of underground clubs. It's sleek, mysterious, and embodies the thrill of an action-packed life.

There’s a sense of sleekness, a dark sort of mystery and vibe associated with the term. Essentially, it’s a styling guide to reflect an action packed eventful life.

But how do you dress for a feeling? It sounds like a fever dream, but we’ve broken it down for you in 3 parts. Check them out.

The whole is greater than the parts

The appeal of the Starboy aesthetic lies in its versatility. It's not a one-size-fits-all look, but rather a mashup of streetwear, edgy pieces, statement accessories, and modern hairstyles. The key lies in mastering the art of combining these elements to create a cohesive, rebellious, and informal vibe.

For instance you can’t go with anything resembling the Old Money look like slacks, oxford shirts or loafers. All these items are too formal. Instead, the aesthetic calls for ripped jeans, vintage leather jackets, chunky rings, statement necklaces, bold sunglasses, and layered chains.

Colors Are Critical
Darkness is your canvas in the starboy world. Black reigns supreme, making an all-black ensemble with a leather jacket a timeless choice. Deep hues like navy and charcoal add to the mysterious vibe.

For added dimension, consider dark tones with lighter hues such as white or cream, or incorporating textured or graphic prints. However, steer clear of warm or earthy shades like sky blue, beige, turquoise, or peach, as they dilute the edgy essence of the Starboy aesthetic.

Finish With Footwear
Leave the mainstream brands like Vans, Converse, or Air Forces on the shelf for a different day. Remember you want to look different from other guys.

Similarly, "dad" shoes and running styles don't quite fit the vibe. Neither do slides and loafers as they're too relaxed for the Starboy's vibe. Remember, your shoes should complement the outfit and build on the rebellious energy, not take away from it.

There you go,
This aesthetic is hard to break down exactly because it’s much more of a feeling than a distinct style. But it’s so unique and eye-catching that you’ll recognize it when you see it. While this look might not be for everyone, our job is to keep you informed on emerging style trends so you can make that decision yourself.

-Forte Team