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No one likes to do cardio for summer, so here’s a better alternative.

Alright, let's face it. We all want washboard abs and lean physiques this summer but running a million miles in the sweltering heat is ‘effin hard. Add the fact that you gotta run everyday, the prospect of ‘doing cardio’ just becomes a living hell in this heat.

Running on the road is not only tiring and hard, it’s also boring. You can only blast your favorite playlist for so long before the entire thing starts to feel dull. On top of that, running isn’t even the best form of cardio for your desired physique. You’ve been lied to because no one wants to read the research.

Thankfully, we do.

There’s actually a better way to lose fat and get your ideal physique without spending an hour running. And it’s so simple, we’re all wondering why we didn’t think of it earlier. 

But first, take a look at this picture here. 

These are both athletes who run. But there’s a slight difference. 

The first one is a long-distance runner. The second is Usain Bolt, a sprinter.

Here’s another one: 

And if we’re being perfectly honest, we’d prefer the second physique over the first one. Not only is the second athlete leaner, he’s also stronger, faster and has a much more attractive body.

Long distance running is not the ideal form of cardio for your needs. The answer is sprinting. Let’s look at some benefits of sprinting over running.

Sprinting is perfect for losing fat. It’s the most metabolically demanding form of cardio and has the absolute best return on time invested. 15 minutes of sprint intervals will do more for your fat loss than 45 minutes of light activity on the treadmill, elliptical or bike. Sprint for 10 seconds, rest, then repeat. See how many times you can do a 100 meter dash in 15 minutes!

Apart from that sprinting targets your fast twitch muscles, which are the muscles that generate power and give you those shapes and striations. Sprinting also spikes your testosterone level at a rate long distance cardio never will.

But the best of all?

Sprinting sessions are short. They’re just 10-20 minutes long at most, best done 3-4/week and you can start reaping the benefits right away. And in case you’re worried that starting sprint training will hinder your long distance running stamina, don’t be. Sprinting increases both aerobic (extended periods of exercise) and anaerobic (short explosive bursts of effort) capacity. In short, sprinting 100m a couple of times throughout the week will also improve your ability to complete a 2km run.

Try out this advice and within 6-8 weeks you’ll be faster, learner and stronger. You won’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.

That’s our promise.

-Forte Team