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Level up your Fall Fashion with these 4 elevated outfits - Here’s how to do more than "rugged" styling

Last night we were making some mood-boards for fall and winter fashion and realized something. Most fall fashion is 'rugged', pieces that you usually associate with durability, labor and longevity. We're talking items like boots, jeans, jackets and flannels. Although there’s nothing wrong with a rugged vibe, the objective of this newsletter is to explore something different.

We want to give you some rules that will help you achieve a more classier and elegant autumn and winter look. Let's begin.

1. Stick To The Classics

Appearing elegant is never about wearing your flashiest, most loudest outfits. It's about wearing the essentials but getting them right. Menswear staples for fall include crew neck jumpers, overcoats, raincoats and pale wash jeans.

The trick is to pair these classics intelligently, taking care of the color palette and textures for a successful elegant look. Choose earthy tones like charcoal, gray, camel or black and then pick a complementary color to go with it like teal, maple, olive, or blue.

2. Go For Knits

Knits are the epitome of elegant winter fashion. A high quality knitted polo or sweater just screams class and luxury. That's why good knitted items are expensive. Knitted sweaters are probably nothing new to you, but a knitted polo is an underrated item that you probably hadn't considered before. A long sleeve knitted polo in a white or navy color can be worn with just about anything and will always ensure you look sharp.

But knits don’t end there. You can also give your suits a new life by going for interesting fabrics like herringbone or fleck wool. 

3. Don't Load Your Plate

Rugged styling is often over the top with lots of layering and accessorizing. Elegant styling however is more minimalistic. Anything like a turtle-neck, earthy tone pants and an overcoat on top is enough to look simple but exude class.

If you're worried about your outfit appearing bland, don't be. The textures and color coordination you go for makes the statement in an elegant outfit. Load up your wardrobe on different fabrics and knit designs instead of different colors and layers.

4. Streetwear Isn’t Left Out

Hoodies get a bad rap because they’re too casual of an outfit. However, layering your hoodies with a more “formal” top layer eliminates that laid-back element and brings some intrigue to your outfit.

Pairing a peacoat with your hoodie is the best way to level up a hoodie for a “dressy” occasion. 

Just avoid wearing oversized, baggy hoodies. The key for this look is to wear a slim fitting sweater that is tapered to your body like the Anywear Hoodie from our brother brand Aetos Apparel. It will keep you warm without adding too much bulk to maintain that clean, elegant aesthetic.

As a final note, remember that styling doesn't have to be exclusive. You don't have to choose one style or the other. This is just a guide to dress more elegant and sophisticated when the occasion calls for it. To become a true fall styling professional this autumn, the best strategy is to have both styles on lock.

-Forte Team