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How To Win - Advice from modern CEOs and Athletes


What is it about high-stakes business dealers and award-winning athletes that makes them tick? Is there a winning gene? What drives their competitive spirit and helps them rack up wins under extreme stress? Well, we looked into it and the results are extremely interesting.

Certain beliefs and ideas were common in men competing at a higher level. The top 1% of men in differential realms have parallels in the way they conduct their lives. Winning for them is not an act, but a philosophy for life itself. This philosophy emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving success, taking into account not only their strengths but also their limitations.

Here are three bits of advice from CEO’s and athletes that stood out to us:

1) Internal “Locus of Control”

The most common trait among quitters is their tendency to point fingers at external factors for their shortcomings. But successful Athletes and CEOs had a surprisingly different attitude.

Winners had a 'so what' attitude when it came to their flaws. They refuse to let their limitations bring them down.

So what if my genetics weren't perfect? 

So what if I’m disadvantaged?

Take Cristiano Ronaldo, for example. As a teenager, he underwent heart surgery, which could have easily derailed his soccer career. Instead, he used it as motivation to become one of the greatest athletes of all time. Similarly, many billionaires come from modest backgrounds, but they didn't let their circumstances stop them from achieving greatness.

Winners are comfortable with their flaws. They've learned to accept them and work around them. Instead of obsessively correcting their flaws, they work on their strengths. That's what makes them extraordinary. If they do fail, they hold themselves accountable.

That's what sets them apart from the rest.


2) Master the Fundamentals

It's common for people to want dramatic changes in their life. They anticipate that perfect, cinematic moment when everything will magically fall into place.

Unfortunately, reality rarely works that way.

Winners know that real progress is built on solid foundations. For them, progress for the sake of progress is superficial and pointless. This is why successful public speakers and athletes devote countless hours to mastering the basics. They prioritize their training, basics, and technique over theatrics and showy gimmicks.

YOU DON’T need to reinvent the wheel. You need to do the boring essentials 90% of the time because they're the ones that'll bring you results.

3) ‘Never have a zero percent day

Become 1% better everyday. That small amount of progress can add up to significant strides in the long run. Don't let zero days sabotage your momentum. They can quickly turn into more zero days, and before you know it, weeks have passed without any progress toward your goals.

Zero days are a curse. They can sabotage your upward momentum. One zero day leads to more zero days until you’ve wasted weeks doing nothing but daydreaming about your goals. Avoid them at all costs.

These 3 rules sum up the philosophy of winners. Start actively implementing these rules in your life as well. It's time for you to take action and amass some wins!

- Forte Team