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Level up your social game in 2024

Level up your social game in 2024

One of the most underrated aspects of improving your social game is beefing up your Instagram. Like it or not, Instagram is where everyone seems to discover you in 2023. For instance, 90% of job recruiters in 2023 check your Instagram at least once. Matches on dating apps will quickly skim your profile before messaging you. 

But it doesn't stop there. Your Instagram isn't just for job seekers and dating—it's a window into your life. Everyone, from co-workers to new friends, will use it to form a mental image of you. Think of your Instagram as a chance to make a second impression. It's a more personal, detailed peek into your lifestyle, fashion choices, and personality. In the modern world, it's a valuable asset to have.

That’s why the ability to take good pictures is a valuable skill for all of us to have. The goal is not to take a lot of pictures, just make sure the ones we do post are high quality and aesthetic. Here are a few tips to achieve that. 

Captions = Vibe

It’s never okay to slap on generic captions on your posts. Captions should dictate the mood of your post and show off your personality. A bit of personalization in your caption goes a long way. You could go for something serious, like a quote or improvise a bit and add a line from a movie or a song lyric. Any one of these will let people know a bit about you and your tastes.

Show, don’t tell.

The location is a crucial aspect of photography, and it can often make or break a photo. It can set the mood and tone for your picture and also elevate a simple outfit. Scenic backgrounds and exotic locations are even better because they add intrigue to your profile. A variety of locations will do more storytelling for your personality than words ever will. 

It’s not a police lineup

Most guys make the mistake of having too many frontal pictures of themselves on their profile. Passport style pics are a huge no-no if you’re looking to get an aesthetic framework. Go for candids instead. A popular style of taking pictures is to look at something other than the camera. If you do want to look at the camera, tilt your head a bit and look at something beyond the lens. One eye should be staring in distance, while the other eye should be in line with the camera. This’ll click a perfect photo every time.

Add the cherry on top

Two ways to elevate your photo is to either add an accessory or a garment with bright complementary color that’ll help you stand out. For example, if you’re wearing a boring outfit, putting on a pendant will add some interest. Or you could put on a bright baseball cap, either red or yellow in color. Such accessories trap attention and improve the overall balance of your picture.

That’s it for this week,

Remember, good instagram profiles are never about how attractive you are. You could have the most photogenic guy look bland if the lighting isn’t right, the backdrops boring and the outfits are a mess. Focusing on these tips will help elevate your pictures. Your unique selection of locations and accessories will also give your page your own vibe.

Experiment, have fun and build your Instagram for the new year.

-Forte Team