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How to master athleisure for spring 2024

If you’ve been following Forte’s newsletters recently, you know we’ve been doing a deep dive into different style aesthetics.

This week, we're delving into athleisure, a classic style that combines functionality and casual wear.

Without further ado, here's how to curate your spring wardrobe for this effortless look.

Keep It Simple
The appeal of athleisure is that it's uncomplicated. Athleisure staples should be comfy and neutral colored, making outfit coordination a breeze. For uppers, opt for minimalist tees, sweatshirts, and track jackets.

While adding a pop of color is acceptable, stick to soft, muted tones to maintain a balanced aesthetic. Vibrant hues or patterns tend to detract from a cohesive athleisure outfit.

Stay Basic With Bottoms
Shorts, tapered sweatpants or joggers are a fail-safe choice. They're comfortable, easy and ready for any type of weather or situation.

We’ve also been seeing a rise in wide-legged track pants coming back. This style complements the relaxed silhouettes of sweatshirts and hoodies.

As for the color palette, keep it simple with navy, grey ,beige or black. If you want to add a pop of color to stand out, do it with your footwear. Which brings us to the next tip.

Setting The Foundation
Sneakers are a staple in athleisure. Classic white sneakers are a timeless choice, but don't be afraid to experiment with colors. This is where you can make a statement.

Running shoes offer extra support for active days, while chunky dad sneakers add a trendy touch. Choose a pair that prioritizes comfort and support, whether it's a breathable running shoe or a well-cushioned lifestyle sneaker.

Mind The Materials

Choosing the right materials is crucial for both comfort and style. While linen and wool are popular in other aesthetics we have been talking about lately, they may not suit an active lifestyle.

For spring athleisure, it's important to prioritize fabrics that wick away sweat. Look for terms like "moisture-wicking," "breathable," or "performance fabric" on clothing labels. Common materials with these properties include polyester blends, nylon, or spandex.

There you go,

The very basis of the athleisure framework is to keep it simple and functional. Pieces that are comfortable and always work with each other so you don't have to spend an hour in front of your wardrobe wondering what to choose.

-Forte Team