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How to Look More Approachable to Women

If you’ve been following Forte Weekly for a while, then you know that we give advice on how to “shoot your shot successfully” with the ladies quite often.

But here’s something we haven’t talked about before...

How can you get them to make the first move?

The truth is there is no one single factor that women look at.

When it comes to forming a first impression of you, women scan the whole package, from top to bottom. And this is how she decides whether you’re worth her time.

So to help you turn heads with the ladies, the Forte Team asked some female “dating” influencers to reveal what guys can do to look more approachable to women!

1. Make a Statement

Here’s an obvious one. If you want to attract attention, then wear something attention-grabbing!

An easy way to have eyes naturally drawn to you is by wearing a statement piece. A statement piece is anything that “sticks” out from the rest of your outfit, so it’s the first thing people notice when they look your way.

It can be something as loud as a graphic tee or small accessories like rings, layered pendants, or watches!

Pro Tip: Let your statement piece speak for itself by toning it down with the rest of your outfit with neutral, solid colors.

2. Dress To Impress...But Not Too Much

Most of us guys assume that looking like a character straight out of a James Bond film is what women want to see.

The reality is, this style is way too “dressy” for most occasions that you’ll be at this summer.

If you go too overboard, the ladies might feel intimidated. The key is to look friendly, fun, and casual.

Instead, go for a simple button-up tee and tailored, light-washed jeans. This outfit is versatile enough to wear to both casual and formal events!

Pro Tip: Look for a vertically striped shirt. The stripes create a “visual effect” that makes you look taller and slimmer — sounds like a win-win to us!

Alex Costa doing a signature hair flip.

3. Talk With Your Body

Want to let women know you want to talk to them without saying a word?

Here’s a few non-verbal ways to “invite” them over for a chat! 

Eye Contact — The simplest way is to show interest is by making eye contact. Once you lock in, smile and orient your body towards her. This indicates that you saw her noticing you and you’re interested in her.

Hand Gestures — Think you need a more direct sign?  After you make eye contact, Raise your glass at her in a salute and give a quick “eyebrow flash”. This is a universally recognized sign of interest that you want to chat!

Smiling — Here’s the most important part. Regardless of whatever invitation you give, you need to be smiling.  We are naturally drawn to people with great smiles because they give off friendly, inviting vibes

Pro Tip: When you have a set of clean, white teeth, it makes your smile 10 times better. The simplest way to achieve this is by using whitening strips the night before!

Ryan Gosling oozing with charisma while sitting at a bar.

4. Invoke Curiosity With Your Locks

As we all know, the ladies are obsessed with their hair.

If she spots your silky-smooth, healthy-looking hair (especially if you are on the longer side) chances are her opening question would be “what’s your hair care routine?”

To get noticeably softer, healthy-looking hair in less than an hour, use a hair mask while you’re getting ready to go out!

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There You Go,

Now it’s the ladies' turn to shoot their shot! Follow these 5 tips to have the ladies swarming you this year.