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How to impress your date this valentine’s (things 90% of guys never do)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. If you've successfully lined up a date, chances are you're grappling with the same pressing questions as countless other gentlemen:

How can I impress her? What can I do to stand out from the other valentine’s dates she’s had? Well, the Forte Team did the brainstorming for you!

  • A Little Mystery Goes A Long Way
  • Your best way to impress any date is to add an element of mystery to it. Girls like being excited and the easiest way to do it by "keeping them on their toes."

    Don’t indulge too much on what you got planned or where you’ll be taking her. Just tease her with just enough information so she can dress to fit the occasion.

    This way she’ll be obsessing over the date before it’s even happened.

    Science-Back Attraction
  • Almost all Valentine's dates involve an activity after dinner. Even if people want to add a bit of uniqueness, they do something casual like painting or pottery workshops, which isn’t exactly ‘thinking out of the box’. To truly stand out, consider activities that get the adrenaline pumping. 

  • Research shows that women often confuse heightened heart rate with attraction. That’s why scary movies make for such a popular valentine’s day date. But since that is also too mainstream, try a horror-themed escape room where you have to work together to get out. That’ll get her adrenaline and attraction for you spiking!

  • It’s Not All About The Way You Look
  • Valentine’s is not the occasion to go for cheap scents. Neither is it the occasion to blindly lather yourself in the first cologne you see in your drawer.

    Do a bit of research before you head out.Take a look at the weather you’ve been having lately in the city. Think about your date and its location. Is it closed spaced? Urban? Somewhere out in the open? All these will affect your cologne choice. Cooler evenings, for instance, call for richer muskier scents.

    This may seem like a chore, but it’s going to be worth it. Scents are intricately connected to sexual attraction. It’s been well established by science that women rely on olfactory cues a lot more than men do. Men who smell pleasant are automatically rated as more attractive and desirable. That’s why picking the right fragrance is key.

    Pro tip: On the topic of smelling amazing, let Forte Series be your wingman this Valentine’s Day. Our collection of styling products are scented with our signature Forte fragrance. It’s a masucline, cologne-like scent that is perfect for any “close-encounters” you may have this year.

    Ditch the Red
    Everyone is going to be wearing red or black on Valentine’s day. If you want to stand out, here are some tips to help you plan your outfit.

    Pick a bold, unexpected color scheme. This doesn’t have to be outlandish, but find hues that fit your personality and match your skin tone. That means blues and greens for cool undertones and brighter colors for warm complexions.

    Experiment with different textures. Color isn’t the only way to stand out — a suede jacket or silk shirt can add enough subtle detail to make a world of difference in your appearance.

    Choose a statement piece. Use simple accessories like rings, a chain necklace, or a watch that contrasts against the color of your outfit to elevate your personal style without looking too “try hard”.

    There you go,

    Remember your date is most likely not looking to be entertained or pampered. All they want to see is whether you’ve put in enough effort to create a meaningful experience for them. So think less extravagant gestures, and more personalized and genuine actions that’ll make her feel comfortable. These will make for the perfect valentine’s date. 

    -Forte Team