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How to grow your hair out PROPERLY - without the awkward stage

Since fall is right around the corner, most of us will be ditching the shorter fades in the cold weather. We personally think winter’s the perfect time to let those locks grow and flow and we’re sure we’re not alone.

The thing is, growing your hair out is simple, but not easy. It takes a bit of commitment and determination to grow a good-looking lion’s mane. The human body will grow hair regardless of your circumstances. What you do within the few growing months will make the difference between a homeless look and a model look.

Thankfully, the art of growing a healthy mane of hair is not restricted to the magical word of the Witcher. There’s a correct way to do it and we’re gonna tell you how. 

1. Adapt To The Bulk

The problem with longer hair is that styling products are harder to clean out. This can make your hair look oily and dirty. So if you’re growing your hair out, find water based products instead of oil based ones. You can tell by looking at the ingredients list. It should have water or aqua as the first ingredient. These products are much easier to wash out in the shower!

2. Less Is More

Speaking of showering, it doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long, shampooing daily is never a good thing. It dries your hair out and strips it of its natural oils. This can leak breakage, which cancels out all your hard work. However, conditioning everyday is fair game. It’ll strength your strands provide your scalp all the nutrients it needs to promote growth.

3. Get Strategic

Throw intuition out the window. It’s time to plan your visits to the barber ahead of time to keep your hair on point.

The main reason why guys give up on growing their hair is that it starts to look bad after a while AKA The awkward stage. Most men quit at this stage. This is because you are not adapting your hairstyle to your length.

Growing out your hair means trying out different styles as it grows out. For example starting from a buzz cut you can go to crew cut, to a fringe, to a faux hawk , to a quiff, to a combover, to a slick back then finally the last level - the man bun.

By having your barber adapt your hairstyle according to your hair length, you can stay stylish the entire time!

4. Growth Starts From the Inside Out

Just like how your muscles need protein to grow, your scalp needs biotin to grow hair. Lucky for you, we just launched the Forte Series Hair Health Vitamins!

Experience the power of biotin and other essential vitamins in a tasty, easy-to-consume form. These delicious gummies are packed with essential nutrients like BIOTIN, ZINC, and VITAMINS C, D & E, to support your healthy growth.

With this simple addition to your routine, you can take a step towards healthier, fuller hair every morning.

That’s it. Now you have all the essentials to grow your hair out. The process takes roughly 12-15 months, after which you’ll have the required length to sport a cut like The Geralt of Rivia.

Trust the process.

-Forte Team