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How to give yourself a year end audit

All the successful people in the world do an yearly audit. Here’s how you can do one.

Ever wondered what steps apart the most successful people in the world? Well, there’s quite a few habits to select from but one practice that stood out to us is conducting an yearly audit.

An yearly audit is basically critical self examination of your year. It’s nothing new, in fact as a practice it dates all the way back to ancient greece. Self-reflection has been a core practice for every accomplished man in the past and still is. This internal examination is well documented practice among high achievers and wealthy people and it’s very significant to their success.

To help you reach your peak potential in 2024, here’s a guide on how you can do one yourself.

  • Look inwards, not outside
  • The key to a healthy and critical yearly audit is to only look inwards, not externally. See where you were at the end of the year and where you are now. It’s natural for us humans to only look at others and feel bad because they seem so much more successful. This is a flawed practice. Not only do you not know anything about their life or situation, focusing on their wins does nothing to improve your life.

    If you only compare yourself with yourself, you get a much clearer picture. You’ll see where you started from, what tools and means you had at your disposal and what you did with them. In turn, this’ll tell you what you need to change for the next year. 

  • Analyze with a thick skin
  • Sometimes the truth hurts too much, so we run from it. That’s not helpful in the slightest. If you analyze your year, you’ll dig up some harsh truths. If you failed at achieving a goal, you’ll soon be able to see if that was because you were too busy with external problems to get anything done or you were just lazy.

    The hard part is always accepting what the real reason for failure was, but it needs to be accepted and written down so you don’t make the same mistake next year. 

  • You are more than your bank and body
  • Most of us analyze how well we’ve done financially throughout the year and stop there. Some of us will probably look beyond and see how well we’ve done fitness-wise. But you are more than that. The mind is equally important and it’s essential to ask these questions. 

    Ask yourself, how much time did I waste on social media apps? How many skills did I learn? How many books or informative material did I read or watch? These may seem old-school or boring but they’re very significant for personal growth and you need to make time for them throughout your year. 

  • Optimization is not everything
  • Finally, it’s recommended to give some thought to your life’s experiences. You are after all human. The task of living is not only to get better and richer but also to have fun. Think about your bucket list and how much of it you got done. Try and see what activities you could have done but didn’t. It’s better to analyze all this at the end of the year and make time for some fun next year instead of being a regret filled old man 30 years later who only spent his time working for a paycheck.

    This audit framework is a technique for self-improvement. This may mean many things for different people. It’s important that you clearly define your goals and priorities before you start this audit. This will bring you the best results.

    Happy new year, let's make 2024 a great one.

    -Forte Team