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How to get Cilian Murphy’s quiet luxury look

Cilian Murphy just swept through the Oppenheimer London premiere and left everyone mesmerized (literally). The premiere was attended by A-listers like Robert Downey Jr and Matt Damon wearing expensive suits and this man stole the show with just a simple outfit.

The look perfectly mixes elegance with comfort. It’s the kind of outfit we like to call ‘stealth-wealth’ because it exudes class in a very minimalist and subtle manner. Looking at these outfits got us curious. Can all of us emulate the quiet luxury look in our life? Well here are a few tips.

  • 1. Lowkey Is Loud
  • Take a look at Cilian’s outfit for a moment. Cilian wore a black button-down cardigan with rolled-back sleeves, a round-neck classic white T-shirt, and black mid-waisted pants. The look is made complete by a shaven face, a stylish silver watch and black leather Chelsea boots. 

  • The biggest reason his outfit works is because it’s very plain and structured. There are no graphics and the palette is monotone. We see Cilian going for monochromatic palettes again and again as you see in the Paris premiere. This simplicity makes this aesthetic work so well. Choose pieces with clear lines and simplistic palettes and avoid excessive graphics, loud patterns or logos to look quietly luxurious.

  • 2.Don’t look off the rack
  • The second detail you’ll notice is that his outfit fits his body shape and height perfectly. Let’s take a look at this photo with Matt Damon to compare outfits. Pay close attention to the way Cillian’s t-shirt collar fits his neck, to the way his cardigan fits his shoulders and crops perfectly at the waist to make his legs look longer.

    All these small details are essential if you’re going for a sophisticated look. Going to an experienced tailor will fit your clothes to your frame so everything squares up properly. This change will make the difference between a sloppy look (sorry Matt) and a premium-looking outfit.

  • 3. Less bling is more
  • Like Cilian with his simple silver watch and ring band, accessories should serve as add-ons, not the main course. Go for simple accessories like a minimalist leather watch or a slim silver chain bracelet.

    There you go,

    A big misconception of this aesthetic is that you need to spend a lot of money to make it work. That’s not true. Brands such as H&M and Zara offer affordable options for these styles. You can easily look like a rich guy who doesn’t want to show off if you build your wardrobe strategically.

    For inspiration, look at outfits from shows like Kendall Roy in Succession or Bobby Axelrod in Billions.

    -Forte Team