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How to complete your wardrobe in 2023

Many of us are faced with the same dilemma: How do I stay on top of style trends?

And we understand where you’re coming from.

Many of us are working jobs and businesses and are simply too busy to stay on top of trends. You don’t have time to sift through magazines or scroll through Instagram to see what’s trending and what’s not and that’s perfectly okay.

Good news is…we have a solution.

Every year, the Forte Team does an audit to get an overview of the latest menswear trends. This time we’re sharing all the information from our audit with you in the shape of a checklist. We’ve created this guide so you can update your wardrobe accordingly and take the guesswork out of shopping.

We guarantee that if you have these items in your wardrobe, you’ll be able to create modern looking outfits that help you stand out. So without further ado…

Here's the 2023 wardrobe freshness test. 

To start things off, have at least 3 minimalist graphic tees. The trend for 2023 is a loose tailored fit instead of the slim fit we’re all aware of. Oversize shirts will also work. But don’t go for too many oversized shirts. 2 is enough.

At least 2 neutral colored oxford shirts for formal/business casual + add 2 neutral colored linen shirts for the summer casual look. Linen shirts will give you the ‘old money’ aesthetic everyone’s aspiring to emulate these days.

There are two changes in polos. Plain colored boring polos, while still acceptable, aren't the best shopping decision. Instead go for knitted polos. Have at least 2 knitted polo shirts to look absolutely stylish.

Like always, the basics always work. Black tees, white tees and red flannels are all timeless picks. But if you want to stand out, consider adding these items to your wardrobe. 



First off, get at least 2 chinos of an interesting color. Chinos aren’t going away for a long time so they’re always a must-have for your inventory. If you don’t have them currently, there’s a big gaping hole in your wardrobe. 

Following the trend of looser fitting, skinny jeans are off the table. Have slim fit denim pants in your wardrobe. Light denim is back in fashion. 

Athleisure is trending and it goes with everything. Your wardrobe NEEDS all-day cotton pants, leisure-wear pants and track pants in 2023. 


We know that it's basically summer, but here's a list of jackets you should have in your closet for when the seasons change, or if you live in a colder climate.

Have the basics like leather jackets, hoodies and bombers. 

A puffer jacket for those really cold nights.

And a track jacket to look athletic and stylish. Plus you can make many outfits with it. 


For suits there aren’t any major changes. Have at least 2 suits in your inventory in the following colors: 

Either a grey suit or dark navy suit, but you need at least one black suit for formal occasions.



Have the basics: Black lace up shoes and Crisp white sneakers are essential pieces that pair well with anything.

Next, Chelsea boots are a must for 2023.

Lastly, Suede Loafers for the more "classier" fits.

Remember, staying stylish doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the Forte Team by your side, you can embrace your personal aesthetic with confidence and make intelligent fashion choices.

We got you.

- Forte Team


P.S. While staying “on trend” is a way to appear hip and cool, no wardrobe can be built without a first having a foundation of high quality basics.

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