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How to be the “best dressed” at work this season

Does getting ready for work in the morning feel like a struggle? As we stare into our wardrobes at 8am in the morning, no outfit seems to click. Some seem too exotic, almost like the office wardrobe from ‘Mad Men’ and some too casual. 

Here are a few tips from the Forte Team to build a stand-out corporate wardrobe without seeming like a try-hard. 

Palettes decide all

Let’s be real. The realm of office appropriate clothing is very small and limited. Eventually you’re gonna have to go for the same pieces as everyone does - your usual sweaters, coats and pants.

That’s why the factor that eventually makes the difference between an ‘okay’ outfit and a masterpiece is the color palette you pick. The art to having an interesting color palette is to make sure your layers complement each other. The versatility of winter outfits also allows you to make many combinations. You can layer with something dark outside like gray or black or go for something high contrast like cream or beige. Dark outside feels more professional while light colors show more personality and can be mixed in between the week.

  • Dare a little
  • Another option to stand out a bit is to try turtlenecks. Turtlenecks can fit really well in business casual outfits and also look dapper. Pair turtlenecks with formal pants or even put on a sports jacket on top. Finish the look with some high quality shoes and a watch and you have yourself a complete business casual outfit. As always, be sure to complement it nicely. You can wear both dark and light colored turtlenecks as long as you’re layering it with the right colors.

  • The small things matter most
  • Accessories are small addition but pack quite a punch because they stand out among the dark neutral colors of winter clothing. The best functional yet fashionable accessory for the office is a high quality watch. Go for a leather strapped silver tone watch to elevate your look, or a smart watch to give a “techy” vibe. Glasses are also something you could go for even if you have 20/20 vision, especially if you stare at a screen all day long. Look for glasses with bluelight lenses help reduce mental fatigue and eye strain.

    Achieving the perfect outfit extends beyond clothing choices; grooming and confidence play pivotal roles. Ensure your hair is well-maintained, your beard neatly trimmed, and select a suitable cologne. Stride into the office with confidence, exuding a positive posture that reflects your well-groomed appearance.

    All these factors will combine together to create the ultimate stylish office look that’ll help you stand out among your co-workers. 

    Happy Holidays,

    -Forte Team