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Find out which beard fits your face shape

Mustache, beard or fully shaved, which facial hair is perfect for your face?

Facial hair’s a complex game. Most of us have gone through the process of trying to grow out our beards, shaved them off, regrown them and wondered when we looked the best. Or maybe you took a more methodical approach, looking at guides on the internet to see what beard style suited you the best…but that’s where things can go wrong.

Most of these guides miss a crucial factor: your face shape. Ignoring this key aspect can throw off your face's proportions.

To help you out, we’ve made you a practical guide that’ll help you find out which style of facial hair fits your face shape!

  • Take the growth test
  • The first factor is kind of obvious but it had to be said. Try growing out your beard for at least a month. That time-frame will help you figure out a lot of things about your facial hair, like where it grows and how thick it is. If you find that you’ve got a patchy beard, you’re better off shaving it off or maintaining a slight stubble.

  • The whiskers
  • Mustaches can add character to your face, but they don’t work well for everyone. A mustache will look perfect on you if:

    1. Your facial hair grows thick and uniform
    2. You have a square face, aka a wide forehead and a wide jaw
    3. You have a pronounced upper lip.

    If you don’t have at least A and B, we suggest you try your hand at some beard styles.

    Determine your face shape
    First thing’s first, knowing your face shape will be the best thing to help you pick a beard style. The good news is, we developed a tool to help you. Click here to find yours:

    Once you know what it is, your objective is to make sure your facial hair makes your face look as oval as possible.

    For those of you who already have an oval face, all beard styles are perfect. If you also have a strong jawline, you’ve won the genetic lottery and can wear almost any beard style you like or go clean shaven.

    For men with a longer face and a narrower jawline that creates a triangle, diamond, or rectangle shaped face, avoid beards that go past the chin. Instead grow your beard outwards to add some density to your jaw.

    For square shaped men, with strong wide jawlines and wide foreheads, you’ll want to go for close cropped beard styles. A stiletto beard or stubble beard are all recommended. And as mentioned above you can also wear a ‘stache if you want.

    The takeaway here is to understand how to offset the negative aspects of your face using facial hair and give it a more sharper and wider look. Aim for a style that widens your jaw and gives your face an oval like frame without disturbing symmetry.

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    That’s all for now, see you next week!

    - Forte Team