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Fall Color Palette Guide 2023

Fall is that time of year when the world gets a splash of color. Whether it's the leaves falling, nature's own wardrobe change, or just what we decide to wear, there's variety everywhere. But for most of us, aligning our outfits with the seasonal change can be a struggle.

When it comes to picking fall outfits, it all boils down to two things: the fabrics textures you choose and the mix of colors you layer up with. A smart choice can turn a mundane outfit into an eye-catching statement. Don't worry, though – we've got you covered with some fantastic fall color combos, so you don't have to stress about what goes with what. Check them out below!

Earthy tones

When you think earthy tones, think colors like deep brown, beige, camel and dark oranges. These are great fall colors for men because they go so well with the surroundings but also look sharp. Complement these colors with navy, olive or white to create a well balanced outfit. This color tone is perfect for both casual looks and dress-ier outfits.

Rich Burgundy

Burgundy is a low risk easy option to include in your fall wardrobe to use when you’re unsure about what to wear. That’s because burgundy goes well with all skin tones and also looks refined and classic. For a burgundy outfit, the main piece could be a sweater, turtleneck or a leather jacket. Pair with black or gray jeans or a base layer shirt.

Blue and Greens

Blue and greens is all about embracing some natural green shades and finishing the outfit off with a complimentary blue piece. This option is underrated but it’s also very unique and will help you stand out by adding a unique color to your wardrobe.

Green shades are ideal for casual outfits in the form of green sweaters and sweatshirts. If you wish to dress up a little, you have options for olive military inspired jackets and coats. 

Pair it with jeans and boots for the perfect look.


Mustards are a bold option if you’re looking to catch some attention right away. A mustard colored sweater or turtleneck is a bold statement that can be worn with beige or navy. You can also switch things up and wear mustard chinos paired with a white shirt. Since mustard is such a bright color, it can also be used in accessories like scarves, ties or beanies.

If you’re going for mustard as your main color, be sure to keep the rest of the outfit neutral colored like cream, navy or beige to maintain a balanced look.

These color palettes provide a wealth of options to stay stylish and comfortable during the fall season. Mixing and matching these hues will allow you to have a wide range of outfits that’ll capture the essence of autumn, whether for casual weekends, business meetings, or special occasions.

-Forte Team

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