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Body language guide for men (Command the room with these tips)

Want to appear as the “leader” of the room?

You can dress the part and talk the part - it still won’t make a difference if your body language betrays you. Research has revealed that 55% of the communication we do is non-verbal.

Sure, what we say is important, but how we say it matters more. If you're aiming for authority and masculinity, mastering commanding body language should be your priority. We’ve compiled some of our best body language tips here in this newsletter.

  • Open Up
  • The most reliable litmus test for masculinity is to see how a man occupies space. Think of Don Draper sitting in a chair. He’s leaning back and comfortable but he’s not shying away from confrontation. He’s in control of whatever comes his way. This is a sign of effortless confidence.

    People who appear nervous occupy space in a reserved and guilty manner. They’ll seem to shrink their body or sink into the chair with their shoulders caved in and head down.

    Always keep your body open. If you’re sitting, keep your shoulders back and hands in front of you. Open your chest and drape your arm across the armrest. If you’re standing, maintain good posture and keep your body wide and tall. Don’t droop your chest or your face and keep your hands out of your pockets.

    Keeping your body open like this communicates strength to the world. 

  • Walk The Talk
  • As we mentioned above, 55% of communication is non-verbal. Someone who does this really well is Matthew Mcconaughey. Mcconaughey often has long monologues in his films and he uses a lot of hand gestures to add intrigue to his dialogues. Similar to him, how you use your hands when talking could mean many things.

    1. If you put your hands behind your back, it’ll communicate respect. However if you do it and also lower your face or your shoulders it’ll communicate meekness.
    1.  During conversations, keeping your hands visible and facing towards your listener shows confidence. Use gestures to add depth and weight to what you say. Make sure your gestures aren’t any higher than your chest or lower than your navel. 
    1. If you touch your face often or fidget with your collar or watch it may come off as nervousness or disinterest depending on how you do it. You can do it occasionally to get out of unwanted conversations. 

    Pro tip: If you aren’t able to gesture, it’s probably because you feel anxious. Anxiety causes your body to think in a ‘fight or flight’ context, meaning it’s less worried about social cues and more focused on survival. So try and remain calm before conversations.

    Move With Purpose

    If you want to see a walk that emanates bravado and confidence, watch Aaron Taylor Johnson in Bullet Train. Now think of his demeanor in his earlier role, Kick Ass. Notice the difference?

    How you move can drastically change your appearance and how people perceive you. Confident men move with a bit of sway in the shoulders

    Another thing you can do to improve how you appear to others is to be observant when you walk. Walk slowly. Open doors fully when you go through them. Wait a second before you enter a room instead of rushing in. Scan your surroundings slowly when you enter somewhere new instead of darting your eyes around. Slow purposeful movements like these are done by high ranking officers and CEO’s because they come off as authoritative. You can include these into your life as well. 

    Body language guides often say ‘fake it till you make it’ and it couldn’t be any truer. Our body is not one dimensional. Sometimes the way you move and act will also alter your mood, much like the confidence a new suit gives you. Follow these tips daily and with time they’ll come to you naturally.

    -Forte Team