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Best Workout Routines for the Fall (Athlete tested)

We have all heard the phrase: “Cut in summer, bulk during winter”. And it makes sense because winter allows you to get away with a little flabbiness by keeping it under hoodies and sweaters while summers are for showing off your leaned out physique.

But what about fall?

Instead of simply choosing to bulk early or extend your cut a bit late, why not take a cue from professional athletes who use this time strategically to enhance their performance? Autumn offers  a “fitness intermission“ which is a golden opportunity for both recovery from the cardio-heavy summer works outs and a prep for the heavier winter lifting. 

In this weekly newsletter, we'll explore two athlete-tested strategies that’ll give you an unfair advantage for achieving that envious, head-turning physique next summer.
Let's dive into how you can make the most of this often underestimated season in your fitness journey.

Pathway #1: The lane to athletic dominance

This is a highly recommended pathway that almost all athletes choose before their season starts. The option is to work on top speed and power. Training speed and explosive strength usually takes 6-8 weeks only, but the return is immense. 

Explosive training is hard but it builds great anaerobic capacity that helps you push more weight. It will not increase peak strength, but it’ll make you capable of doing longer sets hence increasing your work capacity. 

A well-conditioned body will help you train more intensely in the gym by keeping you from gassing out. For the next 1.5-2 months try this pathway:

Sprinting: Dedicate two days each week to sprinting. This focused effort on speed amplifies your explosiveness and agility.

At least 1 Leg Day: Allocate one day exclusively for leg-focused training. Elevating lower body strength is pivotal for enhancing overall athletic performance.

Full-Body Empowerment: Incorporate one full-body workout per week, emphasizing compound exercises like bench presses and squats. This sustains existing muscle mass while refining your power and control.

Consistency is Key: Stick to a disciplined 4-day per week training routine,  with 3 well-deserved rest days. This balanced approach ensures you're both primed and rejuvenated for each workout.

By embracing this pathway to athletic dominance, you'll be charting a course that not only maximizes your potential but also propels you toward your peak performance level when it matters most. 

Pathway #2: Body Bulletproofing

In contrast to Pathway #1, this journey won't necessarily make your bulking phase easier, but it serves as an insurance policy for your joints and reduces the chance of potential injuries. It’ll also remove any underlying posture and mobility problems that you might have been neglecting this entire time. 

Here's a straightforward roadmap for the next 1.5-2 months:

Sustainable Full-Body Workouts: Dedicate two sessions per week focused on muscle maintenance. The spotlight here is on mobility rather than sheer muscle-building, reminiscent of yoga's emphasis on stretching joints. Numerous short mobility routines can be easily found on YouTube.

Flexibility Nurturing: Incorporate a weekly full-body flexibility session, encompassing a range of stretches and yoga poses. This practice fosters not only flexibility but also balance and tranquility.

Maintaining Definition: Commit to a weekly mobility session with straightforward isolation exercises, such as bicep curls or shoulder lateral raises. This combination helps uphold muscle definition without overwhelming your body.

Stick to a disciplined 4-day per week training routine with 3 well-deserved rest days. This balanced approach ensures you're both primed and rejuvenated for each workout.

See you next week,

- Forte Team