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5 Expensive smelling fragrances for summer (that won’t break the bank)

5 Expensive smelling fragrances for summer (that won’t break the bank)

What makes the perfect summer scent? Well we can have multiple answers to that, but the Forte Team has a favorite one.

The perfect summer scent is affordable. There’s no use wearing a fragrance that makes you second guess every time you reach for it, because it’s so damn expensive. An ideal summer fragrance should smell like a thousand bucks, without breaking the bank. So you can wear it all summer long, night or day, without fear.

Here’s a list of season-appropriate scents that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. Check ‘em out. 

  • Nautica Voyage- A fresh, salty aquatic fragrance that’s perfect for everyday wear. It’s the ideal scent for summer. Runs anywhere from $21-$26.

  • Versace Pour Homme - Suitable for cooler evenings and night, Pour Homme is a classy perfume that’s available under 50$. Not the most volume at this price, but it’s a high quality fragrance that can be used for special occasions.

  • Armaf Club de Nuit for Men - Club de nuit is a perfume 95% similar to Creed by Aventus and unless you’re a seasoned perfumer, you won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s available for $34 at Amazon and arguably provides the best value at this price.

  • Davidoff Cool Water - Best long lasting perfume. The scent is aromatic with notes of mint and lavender. It’s a high quality perfume for its price. It’s about $24 on Amazon.

  • Azzaro Chrome - Best masculine perfume. Chrome smells of sharp citruses, herbs, and musk. The scent is fresh, clean and masculine. Chrome is about $52 on Amazon.

  • In conclusion, the perfect summer scent is one that not only captures the essence of the season but also remains affordable, allowing you to enjoy it without hesitation. Our recommended scents have the ideal combination of quality and cost-effectiveness so you can feel like a million bucks, all summer long.

    Wishing you a fantastic summer.

    -Forte Team