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4 stylish films to watch for outfit inspiration

Whatever happened to fashion in 2023? You walk down the streets and everybody seems to be wearing activewear. While we understand that comfort is a priority for people, the importance of thoughtful fashion cannot be understated. It’s like an art piece you carry with you that introduces you to the world.

There’s even research on how the clothes you put on daily influence your behavior. No wonder people like to get ready and wear a suit for important events. Now we’re not suggesting you wear a suit at all times, but there are more tasteful and elegant alternatives to wearing sweatpants that you should consider.

We've handpicked some films that are known for their stylish wardrobes to inspire you. Maybe the sight of your favorite protagonist pulling off that outfit will persuade you to diversify your wardrobe. 

Let's begin.

1. Moneyball

I know Moneyball’s not a film you think of when you hear the word fashion. But look past the baseball statistics and ball-talk and start observing Brad Pitt. Pitt never wears an outfit twice in the film and each one is classier than the next. Long sleeve polos, neutral-colored shirts, training jackets, polo and chinos, and sometimes a business-casual suit. It’s the kind of fashion we really like here at Forte because it’s not desperate for attention but it’s still making a statement. All the outfits are diverse, and are tailor-made for Pitt, giving him the perfect casual look. 

2. Bullitt

The king of cool: Steve Mcqueen had to make this list. And Bullitt's a perfect pick. If that ‘68 Ford Mustang isn’t stylish enough already, Steve driving it is sure to settle the deal. You always see Steve wearing those dark sweaters, turtlenecks, and crisp brown jackets with a pair of brown boots. The outfits seem so simple, so effortless, and yet so stylish. If you need winter fashion inspiration, look no further than Bullitt…or any of Steve’s films at that.

3. Casino Royale

Bond’s casino royale is a perfect film to cheat your wardrobe from. Why? Because it’s got a fit for every occasion. A beige chino and navy polo combination for the business casual look, a crisp white shirt to stroll into a country club and look like old money, or a crisp suit for a high-stakes poker game. You’ve got options. Rewatch the film and you’ll see Bond wearing that and more like Hawaiian shirts and crews. Watch for the plot, stay for the outfits.


4. Inception

It’s such a good film that I bet you don’t remember a single outfit. And that’s okay. No one cares what the actors are wearing if they’re jumping from dream to dream. So I suggest you rewatch the film and this time, notice the outfits. Especially Tom Hardy’s. The styling is very formal and classy and all the fits are executed to perfection. It's honestly a perfect film in every aspect.


These movies have not only entertained us but also reminded us that fashion completes your look. That’s why these lead actors wear expensive suits and premium outfits throughout the film.

Even if you don’t care about fashion, you can still watch these films because they're all a 10/10.

- Forte Team