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4 NEW must have pants for Fall 2023

Fall’s right around the corner so it’s time to say goodbye to the simplicity of summer fashion. Fall brings opportunities for layering and experimentation, but also a bit of confusion. What do we buy that’ll look the best for fall?

So here’s a list from the Forte Team. Feeling now was the smartest time to go over fall essentials, we made a list. Replace your shorts with these pants to look your best in fall 2023. 

  • 1. Get Rugged

  • Workwear pants are exactly what you think is it - pants you’d wear to do some manly labour. They are typically straight-legged and look like jeans but have extra large pockets and a thicker fabric. These features pair well with the heavier pieces in your fall wardrobe like knitwear, flannels or thick sweats.  Making them perfect for the wetter, colder climate ahead.

  • 2. The Boring Pants That Go With Everything. 

  • The beige khaki color gets a bad rap because it feels unoriginal but that's not necessarily true. Khakis are versatile pants. They fit nicely with the fall season, owing to their brownish-earthly tone that complements the natural yellows and browns of Autumn. Plus they’ll go with almost any color so that makes styling outfits a breeze. Casual khakis pair well with sweaters, striped and solid tees, polos, henleys, and denim.

  • 3. Add A Dash Of Formal…
  • Wool trousers are a material you don’t typically hear about but they’re also a good contender, especially for late fall. Wool trousers are soft and breathable. They’re also easy to clean and durable. Pick wool trousers to give a classier or refined look to your fall outfits. They can be paired with something as casual as a shirt, a tee or with a bomber jacket or sports coat if you feel like dressing up. 

    4. Dress Like An Urban Ninja
  • To add a bit of versatilioty and functionality to your casual outfits, go a pair of tapered cargo pants. Unlike traditional baggy cargo’s, modern tailored cargo pants can be dressed up and down. Giving you the freedom to wear them with graphic tees for a streetstyle look, to your polos and dress shirts. The perfect blend of streetwear, athleisure and business casual.

    If this sounds appealing to you, check out our brother brand Aetos Apparel’s new Movement Cargo Pants.


    Crafted from luxuriously soft, 4-way stretch fabric, these pants provide unrestricted movement for a seamless blend of fashion and functionality. Whether you're embarking on a lengthy flight or tackling errands, the Aetos Movement Cargos give you the freedom to move with confidence.

    That’s all for this week,

    You’ll most likely already have your flannels, your sweats and your many sweaters from last year. Most of us have our tops on point but struggle adding originally to our bottoms. We hope this list gives you some ideas to switch things up this fall and add some diversity to your wardrobe. 

    -Forte Team