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3 ways to stop ruining your looks overnight

Sleep is considered to be the closest thing to a recovery chamber. It’s the time when your body’s supposed to be recovering your skin and reinvigorating your looks. Why then do we always wake up disheveled and messy and need a full morning regiment to bring our looks back to life?

While sleep naturally aids in repairing and reinvigorating your skin, the chances are high that you might be unknowingly committing some beauty sins during the night. To truly maximize the benefits of your beauty sleep, consider the following tips to ensure that your looks remain unscathed:

  • Sleep Like A Vampire
  • Believe it or not, the position in which you sleep can significantly impact your skin's health. When you primarily sleep through the night on one side, it makes your face look uneven because gravity is compressing that side of your face for 6+ hours. If you have a preferred side to sleep in, it means you’ll have more wrinkles on that side of your face, making you look asymmetric.
  • Sleeping on your stomach is a no go either because it puts unnecessary pressure on your gut and lungs which can cause all sorts of pains in your neck and back. Sleeping on your back is the best option. It not only minimizes the risk of developing sleep lines and wrinkles but also prevents unnecessary pressure on certain facial areas.
  • This simple adjustment will help keep your skin clear and will ensure you wake up as refreshed as possible. 

  • Breathe Right Through The Night
  • The single biggest crime you can do against your looks is mouth breathing. Chronic mouth breathing, can result in reduced muscle tone in the face, affecting the definition of the jawline. Engaging in nasal breathing on the other hand involves the activation of facial muscles, contributing to proper muscle tone.

  • If you cannot breathe through the nose due to a clogged nose or habit, try using nasal strips.

  • Add A Luxurious Touch
  • Wake up with a pimple overnight? Your pillowcase might be the culprit.

  • The fabric of your pillowcase matters more than you might think. Traditional cotton pillowcases are rough and habour bacteria. This irritation combined with the buildup of bacteria and dirt causes acne and pimples.

    As an upgrade, opt for silk pillowcases. Silk is naturally resistant to dirt and also reduces friction and the tugging and pulling that occurs with traditional cotton. This prevents hair breakage and reduces the formation of sleep lines, helping you maintain a smoother complexion.

    There you go,

    Incorporating these simple tips into your bedtime routine can transform your beauty sleep into a restorative experience, ensuring that you wake up looking as radiant as possible (like you’re supposed to).

    -Forte Team