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how to be the "popular guy" this summer

Being popular is a huge advantage in life. Everything becomes easier, from socializing to getting people on board with your ideas. But popularity isn’t just about luck; it’s about mastering the art of being social.

This summer, you can elevate your social status and become the go-to guy everyone wants to hang out with. Here are three strategies to help you boost your social game and transform into the popular guy in your circle.

  • If you want it, you can’t have it

  • One of the first things they teach in sales is that humans are contradictory. If you market something aggressively, customers are often repelled. But make the same product exclusive and rare, and demand soars. The same principle applies in social settings. The guy who obsesses over a girl creeps her out. The guy always begging for attention ends up ignored. Aggressive pursuit might work with money and fitness, but not with people.

    What works is being self-reliant and having an interesting life outside your social circle. For instance, if you enjoy hiking but don’t have anyone to join you, start exploring trails on your own. Soon enough, you’ll encounter others who share your passion.

    Keep showing up, and more people will want to join you. Now you have options, and your time becomes more valuable to others.

  • Be the initiator
  • Most guys who complain about having nothing to do in the summer are often just waiting around for someone else to start something. 90% of guys think like this and end up wasting the entire summer sitting at home.

    Popular guys are always initiators. For example, we know a guy who had a spacious backyard. He bought a fire pit, set up some seating, and invited everyone he knew for bonfires and marshmallow roasting. Overnight, he created a regular gathering spot where people loved to come and relax, share stories, and enjoy the evening together.

    This is the power of being an initiator. You don't need to throw a massive party – it's about finding something you enjoy and creating a space for others to join you. People appreciate the effort and the chance to connect.

  • Have a gimmick

  • If you think hosting parties isn’t for you and that no one will come at your invitation, think again. People love feeling included and appreciate someone else doing the grunt work. If you still doubt your ability to draw a crowd, you need this third tip.

    Get a gimmick. Aka an excuse to make people come over.

    An easy one is having a TV with network subscriptions (TSN, Netflix, HBO, UFC Fight Pass). This way you can host a watch party for the newest movies, UFC fight or NHL playoffs. You could also buy board game or card game bundles to organize tournaments if your group’s interested in that.

    Whatever it is, make sure there’s a way for people to bond together towards a common goal or interest so they can feel comfortable together.

    One more thing,

    To implement these tips, you need to have a basic skill down, which is: talking to everyone. You don’t need to be close friends, just be on talking terms, enough to share a joke and know what’s going on in their life. If you can do that, you can invite people over. Everyone you know. You’ll be surprised how many people actually end up coming in.

    -Forte Team