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3 legit fashion rules from TikTok (and what we think about them)

Fashion trends are quick to come up and go. And on a platform like TikTok, where videos rarely pass the 2-minute mark, trends are even more fleeting. Right now, fashion rules are everywhere on TikTok. To help you sort through the masses and find the ones worth following, the Forte Team went scrolling…

Here are some of the best ‘rules’ we found on fashiontok.

1. The Golden Ratio

The rule of Golden ratio promises to make you look taller and elevate your outfits, but is that really the case?

The golden ratio is actually a mathematical concept that’s been known to us since the ancient Greeks. It usually pops up in discussion of aesthetics and beauty. In a nutshell, the golden ratio rule guides you to break your outfit down into ratios or fractions.

For example, 2 ⁄ 3 of your body’s length should be taken up by your pants and 1 ⁄ 3 by your top to create a balanced looking outfit.

Is the advice legit? The answer is yes. Obviously the rule cannot work everywhere but breaking down your outfit into fractions will bring a sense of harmony and elegance to your outfits. The ratio of 1:3 and 2:3 will also make you look taller by accentuating your body’s natural proportions. 

2. Rule of 4

The rule of 4 goes like this: “Have at least 4 accessories or points of interest in an outfit”.

For example in this picture, Alex has a ring, watch, necklace and a final piece which happens to be headphones here but could very well be sunglasses. This rule is amazing if you’re trying to add some intrigue to your outfits without seeming like a try hard.

In our opinion, the rule is perfect for casual environments. However, for business casual and formal outfits, accessorizing heavily is not a good option and must be avoided. 


3. 3 Color Rule

The 3 color rule is a guideline to follow when creating your outfits. When putting a fit together, you should never mix more than 3 colors at a time, with the exception of black and white. Pick a base color that forms the bulk of your outfit and a secondary color that fits your base color. Finally, you could add the third color to add a bit of contrast.

Is the rule legit? Yes, the rule makes sense but we wouldn’t recommend applying it everywhere.

Most male outfits usually fall in the two color territory and the third color is often added via shoes. The rule also doesn't work for floral shirts and formal outfits. In our opinion, you’re better off applying it to casual outfits or streetwear. 


That’s all from our end. Hopefully we've saved you hours of endless scrolling and research by breaking down these rules. At Forte, we believe fashion should be stress-free, so go ahead, craft some outfits, put these rules to use and remember to have fun. 

- Forte Team.