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2024 Fall Winter Footwear Styling Guide

A lot of us turn to boots when the winter season hits. And it’s no surprise why. They’re tough, they’re sturdy and they keep your toes warm. However, styling boots in winter is a subtle science, one that takes a while to master. 

To give you a jumpstart on the season, we’ve made this guide on styling boots. Let’s get right into it.

Let the boot speak for itself

For most boots, it comes back to the basics: material, ruggedness, sole strength and size and texture. Focusing on these factors will tell you everything you need to know about styling a boot. For instance, military boots are rugged, add a couple of inches and made for serious business. You need to balance out their chunky look by wearing heavy scarves, jackets, knit layers, flannels and jeans.

On the other hand, suede chelsea boots are the “fancy” option. The texture is beautiful, decent sole strength but not the most rugged boot out there. This makes them easy to style with casual wear like jeans and chinos. Suedes can also fit in for smart casual but for a true formal look, leather is king.

How do your pants fit?

A factor that’s often ignored when styling boots is considering the fit of your pants. You’ll hear all kinds of names like ‘slim taper’, ‘slim’ when buying pants but don’t worry. Ultimately, there are only 6 types of pant fits out there and here are the boots that go with them.

Skinny: Very narrow pants that stick to your leg. Perfect with chelsea boots

Slim tapered: Narrow pants with a taper, although not as narrow as skinny pants. Can go with almost any boot as long as it’s not bulky.

Slim straight: Like slim tapered pants but with a wider leg opening. Goes well with bulky boots

Straight: taper less pants with plenty of room for your leg. Goes well with bulky boots, but creates a somewhat mature look that’s perfect for men over 30. 

Boot cut: Pants that flare at the ankle. Can go with both chelsea boots and cowboy boots.

Relaxed: These pants are better for big dudes. Can wear them with bulky boots only.

Focus on color theory

The color of the boots can allow you to set the tone for your entire outfit. Black boots for example are more laid back and don’t grab much attention. They can go with beige, jeans, black jeans, light blue. However if you’re wearing brown boots, you can use them as a complement to your outfit. You can wear them with olive green, blues, grays, tan, white etc. The shade of brown you pick will also have a huge impact on your outfit.

Remember to incorporate your own sense of style into these suggestions as well. The key is to experiment, have fun, and feel confident in your outfit while considering the occasion and the specific boots you're working with.

-Forte Team

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