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Make 2024 Your Year Of Unmatched Style

Enjoy 20% off sitewide. Plus, get a free gift when you spend over $85 – choose a sleek brush, a smart DOPP kit, or a relaxing massager. Free shipping included

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Make 2024 the Year of Great Hair

This is the chance to reinvent yourself. Get 20% off our premium grooming essentials.
Spend $85 and choose a free gift: our vented brush, dopp kit, or a relaxing scalp massager.
Plus, get free US shipping.

Vented Brush: Style With Precision

Use the Forte Series Brush to give shape and volume to your hair daily.

  • Ultimate Control: with over 100 bristles for precise root-to-tip control.
  • Faster Drying: vented design speeds up blow-drying for quick, efficient styling.
  • Ergonomic Grip: with anti-slip, matte coating for easy handling.

Dopp Kit: Travel With Style

The Forte Series Dopp Kit is a sleek, compact home for your grooming gear. 

  • Fits all of your grooming essentials neatly in one place whether you want to keep them on your bathroom counter or take them on an extended trip.
  • Made from vegan leather, our toiletry bag is water-resistant and designed for the man on the move.

Scalp Massager: Improve Scalp Health

Use the Forte Series Scalp Massager to improve circulation on your scalp.

  • Helps remove the build-up of old skin cells and product that can lead to an itchy, flaky scalp and dandruff.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Stimulates your scalp, encouraging healthy hair. 

20% off all products

Get a free gift when you spend over $85 + free shipping

Reach a New Level Of Style and Confidence

Achieve the hairstyle you've always desired.

20% off all products

Get a free gift when you spend over $85 + get free US shipping