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Product Description

The Forte Series Molding Paste offers a strong, pliable hold that will enhance your hairstyle in every aspect. It was carefully crafted for a smooth and weightless application, but provides hold and texture when you most need it.

It delivers a fuller and thicker look for medium to thin hair, and serves as a volumizing pre-styler for all hair types.

The water soluble formula keeps your hair from looking sticky or greasy, and washes out effortlessly.

Designed and made in the U.S.A. Paraben and sulfates free.

Strong, reliable hold

Frustrated with your hair falling apart as soon as you step outside the door? This paste helps to lock in high volume hairstyles. Great for rocking a Quiff or Pompadour that lasts all day!

Looks like there’s nothing in your hair

The greasy, shiny look not your style?  The Forte Series Molding paste is formulated with bentonite and kaolin clay which yields a natural finish — it’ll look like there’s nothing in your hair! 

Versatile use with any hair type

For guys with thin hair, it will help achieve a volumized, full look. For guys with thick hair, it serves as an effective pre-styler to give that extra boost of hold and heat protection. It’s the best “all-around” hair product to style a variety of different looks! 

Adds a boost to your hair

This styling product doubles as a great pre-styler to achieve a high volume hairstyle. It’s light enough to be used as with other hair products without weighing the hair down.

If you’re finding it difficult to style your heavy, thick hair, this is the perfect product to help give that extra volume you need.

Effortless application

Infused with castor seed oil and kaolin clay, this paste has a velvety, buttery texture making it effortless to scoop out of the jar. It’s creamy formula allows for easy emulsification into the palms and smooth application through the hair. There’s no “pulling or tugging” feeling. Perfect for guys with fine hair!

Pliable hold. Easy for restyling

No one likes the feeling of hard gel or sticky wax. This unique formula offers strong, pliable hold without leaving your hair feeling rigid, stiff and gross. Perfect for guys who like to play with their hair throughout the day! 

Water soluble, effortless washout

Drugstore stylers are full of chemicals that cling to your hair for days. This product residue makes your hair feel gunky and gross. The Forte Series Molding Paste is water soluble which makes it effortless to wash out. Warm water with a little dab of shampoo will do the trick.


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