ready to elevate your hairstyle, gain confidence & start a first-class grooming routine?

The hair styling system that promotes softer, healthier, more volumized hair without the dryness or damage caused from cheap, harmful chemicals of other brands.


45,000+ Happy Customers

Natural-based ingredients

Know that you are using only natural, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients when you use Forte Series.

Easy to washout + restyle

You will notice a difference in quality and healthier hair compared to drugstore brands.

Made in the USA

Have piece of mind your products come from a trustworthy lab dedicated to high standards.

Say goodbye to hair falling flat + create more definition

Most products are unreliable - The Hair Fuel Kit is the solution. Controlling & styling hair has never been easier.

  • Molding paste is our firm hold paste to keep your hair styled all day and is restyleable - it won't make your hair crunchy or sticky.
  • Both products have a unique formula that won’t weigh your hair down, even when using the two together to boost volume.
  • The Molding Paste offers a strong, pliable hold and works seamlessly with the argan oil to nourish and control frizzy, stubborn hair.

Works for thick and thin hair. Suitable for daily use.

  • Thin hair - adds volume.
  • Thick hair - adds control.
  • Washes out effortlessly - no more greasy buildups.

For Softer, Healthier Hair

Turn that rough, frizzy hair into soft, easy-to-control hair with the Hydrating Argan Oil. It's time you start to care about your hair health.

Salon grade quality, used by professional barbers

  • No harmful, cheap preservatives
  • Protects against heat damage
  • Gives hair a natural look you will love

Try it risk-free

Guys who adopt a proper routine see a night and day difference. We’re so sure you will find these products game-changers, we will give you your money back if you don’t feel you have transformed your hair.

What's Included

Molding Paste

Styling paste with strong, pliable hold that will enhance your hairstyle in every aspect.

  • Strong hold, matte finish
  • Smooth, buttery texture (easy to apply)
  • Adds texture and volume
  • Works for all hair types
  • Effortless washout

Hydrating Argan Oil

Specially crafted argan oil blend to tame unruly, dull hair and nourish it into silky-smooth, healthy hair.

  • Hair health ingredients
  • Lightweight for daily use - won’t make hair oily or greasy
  • Tames frizz and nourishes dry, damaged hair from blow drying
  • Effortless washout

Confidence in your hairstyle starts here.
Guys are raving about it!

Silky-Smooth, Touchable, High-Volume Hairstyles

"The difference it has made in controlling my hair is night and day. Just look at how messy my hair naturally is haha."
- Munro C.

“I suffer from dry hair and styling would always end up frizzy. The Hair Fuel Kit is a game-changer!”
- Nicky Y.

"Literally the best hair products I’ve ever tried. Plus the packaging looks so good on my counter."

- Ryan C.

Gain more confidence through your appearance with a quality grooming routine. Try the Hair Fuel Kit for yourself.

Hair Fuel Kit
Hair Fuel Kit
Hair Fuel Kit

Hair Fuel Kit



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Get 15% off today with code: HAIRFUEL15 and try risk-free with our 365-day Level Up Guarantee*