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Tier 1:
Buy $60 or more, receive: Free Dopp Kit + Free U.S. Shipping

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Buy $75 or more, receive: Free Forte Styling Cream + Free Dopp Kit + Free U.S. Shipping


Tier 1 ($60+): FREE Dopp Kit + Free Shipping with the USA

Grooming Kit

 The Forte Series Grooming Kit is a “must-have” for any guy who wants to elevate his hygiene routine.
Add this Grooming Kit to your travel bag and have everything you need to level up your look wherever you go.       

No-Mess Nail Clipper - Features a special “nail-clipping collector” attachment for a mess-free grooming session⁠.       

Precision Tweezers - These flat-tipped tweezers help you get closer to the skin and pull the hair from the roots.       

Grooming Scissors - Rounded, “poke-proof” scissors to help you trim sensitive areas without worry.⁠

Dopp Kit

The Forte Series Dopp Kit is a “must-have” accessory for any guy who wants to look his best — wherever he goes.

Crafted from premium vegan leather, this durable, water-resistant bag will add a masculine touch to any bathroom.    Unlike other heavy, bulky, generic travel bags, this kit is made for the “on-the-go lifestyle.”

Its sleek, multi-pocket design allows it to hold your entire Forte Series hair product collection.   

Add this Dopp Kit to your travel bag and have everything you need to level up your look wherever you go.

Tier 2 ($75+): Free Styling Cream + Free Shipping with the USA

Styling Cream

Lightweight, medium hold and natural finish for the popular medium-long hairstyles. The Cream will nourish your hair and boost thickness and volume for an effortless style so you can quit worrying about your hair falling flat.

Our cream is enriched with biotin, aloe vera, and argan oil. This water-based cream applies into hair effortlessly and offers a medium-hold and natural finish.

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2021 Diamond Membership

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Drop 1: (March 2021) 1x  Freeze spray,  1x Texture Spray,  1x Sea Salt Spray

Drop 2: ( Est. June 2021) 1x Pomade, 1x Styling Cream

Drop 3: (TBD) 1x Hair Health Gummies, 1x Thickening Spray, 1x Hair Maintenance Serum, 1x Texture Powder

Drop 4: (TBD) Alex Costa’s new skincare brand 1x Moisturizer, 1 x Face Wash, 1x Exfoliant

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