40,000+ Happy Customers

It's Time To Turn Dry, Dull Hair Into Soft, Smooth & Frizz-Free Hair

We interviewed thousands of guys to uncover the frustrations they had with their morning styling routine.  
And we formulated the Forte Series Hydrating Argan Oil based on the feedback.


40,000+ Happy Customers

Salon-Quality Hair Products for the Modern-Day Guy

We interviewed thousands of guys to uncover the features of the BEST styling products for men... 

The result was a line of natural mens hair products for all hair types to optimize style and hair health.

What Guys Are Saying About The Forte Series Argan Oil:

"The Forte products make my hair smell, feel and look great - especially the Argan Oil. It gives my hair a smooth, refreshing feel that I've never had before."


"Adding the Argan oil to my hairstyle routine has hydrated and made my hair feel more 1- times more healthy."

Jacob P. - DETROIT

“I have literally gotten compliments and been asked what cologne I'm wearing. I respond by saying the Forte Series Argan Oil, it smells that good!”


"My hair would always go frizzy in the winter time. The Argan oil has really helped keep my hair in shape, would highly recommend!"

Daniel R. - LA

Why Buy Forte Series Argan Oil?

Tame Frizz & Eliminate Flyaways

Sometimes a blow-dryer and comb can take a lot of time to style a messy bedhead. Argan oil will help reduce frizz and flyaways. Apply 3-5 drops of oil to save time in the morning!

Blended, Lightweight Formula

Unlike typical plant-based hair oils, this Argan Oil won't leave a heavy or greasy feel. It's made with a lightweight formula that is easily absorbed. Get shiny, healthy hair without feeling the need to shower.

Achieve Silky-Smooth Hair

Want the nicest hair in the room? Add Argan oil to your morning routine. Get soft, healthy-looking hair that shows off your full potential.

Easy To Wash Out

This blended hydrating oil is easily spread to coat your hair. It's also lightweight enough to be easily washed out with minimal shampoo.

3 Months of Daily Use

A little goes a long way! The Forte Series Argan Oil comes in a 75ml bottle which will last for 3 months of daily use. Use just a few drops at a time to achieve big results.

Smells Amazing

Apply 3-5 drops and comb through your hair in the morning. This oil has a light masculine scent that will freshen up your hair and smell great all day!

Proudly Made in the USA

Formulated and manufactured in our Los Angeles-based, FDA approved manufacturing plants. No sketchy ingredients!

Protects Against Heat Damage

Did you know heat damage can result in hair loss? Argan oil acts as a barrier to prevent heat from damaging hair. Have a healthy head of hair for as long as possible!

Don't take our word for it, guys are raving about Forte Series

"I'm so glad I started using the Forte Argan Oil, it makes my hair feel incredibly soft and washes out super easy."

“My hair used to be such a struggle to style in the morning. The argan oil makes my hair so much easier to style and has become an essential in my styling routine.”

"Literally the best hair product I’ve ever tried. Allows me to control my longer hair and it's never looked or felt more healthy!"

If you have tried other products in the past and were not happy...
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Natural Ingredients

Know that you are using only natural, safe and environmentally friendly ingredients when you use Forte Series.

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Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz
Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz

Hydrating Argan Oil | Anti-Frizz - 2.5 Oz


See why 40,000+ guys have switched to Forte Series and keep coming back!

The “magical” instant repair hair serum for men.

The featherweight hair serum that transforms dry, frizzy, sun-damaged and over-shampooed hair into silky smooth, “lion’s mane” — a true game-changer for men with hard to manage, straw-like hair. The luxurious light-weight oil profile makes it effortless to apply and wash out. Like a protective shield, it serves as the perfect prestyler before the use of heat-tools.

The Forte Series Daily Nourishing Oil is an absolute essential hair health product for your daily grooming routine.

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