Three Tips For Creating More Volume

Turn flat, thin hair into healthier, thicker looking hair

Do you get frustrated when you see guys with amazing, thick, full volumed hair and think they got lucky? We understand this frustration and actually hear from a lot of guys that they struggle with this. However, it's not necessarily the hair product they’re using, but rather their routine that’s failing them.


Turn flat, thin hair into healthier, thicker looking hair

Dry hair will make your hair appear thinner than it is. A hair oil will transform dry, difficult-to-style hair into silky-smooth, soft hair. Simply apply the hair oil before you blow dry. This will help you add volume to your flat hair for the entire day.

Pro-tip: Make sure the pre-styler is lightweight and able to be used for daily use. You don’t want a pre-styler that leaves your hair feeling heavy before you even apply your regular hair product.


Blow dry and brush your hair into place

The best way to get your hair to stay in the direction you want is by using a blowdryer to dry your hair in the direction you want before applying a styling product. This is a major key to achieving a volumized hairstyle that makes people do a double take, it only takes a minute to do.

Pro-Tip: As you blow dry and shape the hair into your desired style, finish it off by blasting the cold air setting to really help lock in the style all day long.


Use a lightweight paste to help add thickness

By doing the first 2 steps you've already achieved 90% of the job to get more thickness and volume. The last step is to shape the hair the way you want it to look.

Using a lightweight hair paste like the Forte Series Molding Paste is amazing for adding thickness and body to your hair, especially for guys with thinner hair. It has a natural, matte finish and won’t leave your hair hard and weighed down.





The Forte Series Hair Fuel Kit is comprised of two of our best-selling products designed to help guys achieve extra volume and texture to their hairstyles. Use Argan Oil: 

  • As a pre-styler before heat tools to help lock in your desired shape
  • Nourish your hair from dry to silky-smooth

Follow up with Molding Paste:

  • True Matte Finish
  • Strong Hold
  • Touchable for restyling throughout the day

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Guys are loving the Hair Fuel Kit

The Forte products make my hair smell, feel and look great - especially the Argan Oil. It gives my hair a smooth, refreshing feel that I've never had before.


Adding the Argan oil to my hairstyle routine has hydrated and made my hair feel more 10 times more healthy.

Ray - LA

I'm not a fan of the really strong clays so the fact that this has a strong hold but is super soft is a game changer for me!


The Paste is super soft and I tend to play with my hair throughout the day so it's nice that it isn't super sticky.